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For 2010 Byrnes WR Jazz King the evaluation period is prime time. As he has trekked across the southeast to make camp and combine stops the Byrnes speedster has some offers to show for it. Looking to add some more in the near future King talks about recruiting, his offseason regimen, and outlook heading towards his senior season. Come inside for the very latest with SCPrepNation.com!

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Just last week as Jazz King went to the mailbox he got some more good news. Kansas had sent him an official offer in the mail. This is exactly the kind of news King has been waiting on after years of hard work training and practicing to be a top prospect. The 2010 Byrnes High wide receiver sat down recently with SCPrepNation.com to talk about the recruiting world, his offseason plans, and a look towards his senior season next year.

With his latest offer coming in last week we asked King just who he felt could be the next school to extend him an offer. His reply? "I think it is in its early stages for me. Especially since I only sent my junior film out on April 30th. We'll have to wait and see."

With the Jayhawks putting the offer in writing how does he feel about the Big 12 program? "With Kansas, I like Coach Beaty a lot. He treats it like a family there. The program is well on its way. They are picked to win the Big 12 North. Being a receiver you love Kansas when they air it out with two receivers with 90 plus catches and another with 60 plus."

King also shared with us the other schools who remain heavily in the mix currently. "North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, Florida State, Georgia, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Duke, Central Michigan, Tulane, and UCF."

A few weeks ago King drove from Athens Georgia where he camped with the Bulldogs on Saturday and met with the coaches on Sunday morning directly to Charlotte to compete in the Scout.com combine. That determination to succeed and compete against the best is something that epitomizes King.

"Yes, I love competing. Starting when I was little going against my brother and cousins to going against my teammates TJ Jones, Cartier Rice, Riyahd Richardson, Justin Bright and Zach Miller everyday in practice. Really my best games of the year were against what people considered to be our most talented and stiffest competition. Lincoln (FL), Pahokee (FL), and Dorman."

As spring practice has been going on for the Rebels after winning another state championship last season King talked about his early thoughts of next year's team. "We just want to get better as a team and individually. I know our offensive can be 10x better so we just continue to work. I also need to get in tune with the defense since I hope to make some spot appearances on defense."

If you've ever watched King play in person or seen his highlight tapes you'll see his innate ability to get behind defenders for big time gains. He talked about what exactly it is that gives him that edge.

"Speed. I have all ways been the fastest or one of the fastest on every team I have ever played on. I have pictures from a Brandon Bennett camp when I was in 5th grade of me beating all the middle school kids in the camp then having to race Brandon and Terry Allen. I take a lot of pride in being able to blow past people to make plays for my team. Right now my speed and my hands are the two biggest strengths I have I'd say."

"I'm looking to improve my routes. They are good but they can always be better. Look at Jerry Rice. He didn't run past people. He set them up with his routes. So if I can add more of that to my speed it will be deadly."

With so many colleges making Byrnes a top destination during the evaluation period there are plenty of coaches keeping tabs on the Palmetto State powerhouse. King says he has forged some pretty solid relationships with a number of coaches who are recruiting him.

"I'd say I have a pretty strong relationship or bond with coach Beaty from Kansas, coach Williams from North Carolina, and coach Gonella and coach Reaves from Tennessee."

Jazz says he'll continue to hit the road this offseason when time permits to visit or camp with a few schools. Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida State, and possibly a few others will be definite destinations for King.

There are a couple of schools out there that King hasn't heard much from yet that he'd enjoy hearing a lot more from. "Texas Tech, Pittsburgh, Illinois, and West Virginia are schools I'm interested in hearing more from."

Don't expect a quick decision to be made as King says he will do his best to visit all schools that tender him scholarship offers before making a decision. "I want to visit each school that offers me before I decide because that's where I will be for at least four years."

Stay tuned for more updates with Jazz King as his recruitment appears set to step it up a notch as his junior film is currently being circulated.


  • King reports an overall GPA of 3.61 currently (2.8 core) but expects both to rise soon as he says he has all A's and B's on his latest progress reports.
  • He also says he has scored a 1270 on the SAT during his first try and is awaiting the test scores from his second attempt.
  • King says his fastest time in the 100 meters is 10.67 seconds.

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