Keenan Star Hearing From A Host Of Programs

The Spring Evaluation Period has brought on a host of visitors and phone calls for this 2010 sleeper prospect from out of the Midlands Area of South Carolina. caught up with the Keenan High star to get the very latest on his recruitment.

The Evaluation Period has brought a host of DI programs to the Midland Area of South Carolina to check on a number of football prospects. And this Keenan High star without question had his share of visitors. We are talking about 2010 safety prospect, Philip George. recently checked in with the talent athlete to get the latest from him on the recruiting front.

"Things have been going really well," George told in a recent interview." I've had quite a few schools to come by and see this spring. Maryland came through, Western Michigan, Georgia Southern, South Carolina State, and Clemson."

During the Evaluation Period, college coaches are allowed to place one telephone call to prospective student-athletes (during their junior year of high school). Having that being said, the 6-0, 185 pound athlete also informed SCPrepNation that he has indeed fielded a number of phone calls from various colleges this spring. "South Carolina called me the other day," said George. "Memphis and Virginia Tech also called me up. That's about all I can think of right now."

George doesn't have any offers to date, but he is certainly expecting for that the change relatively soon. "I really think Maryland is going to offer me soon," he said. "I think Western Michigan is going to offer me soon too. So, we'll see what happens."

Who will be the first to pull the trigger on the gifted athlete from out of Keenan High School? Stay tuned with to find out…

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