Moving on Up: A Look at a Possible Realignment

Realignment is just a fe months away and SC Pigskin has an exclusive look at the number that will influence the Classifactions during realignment in 2004.

Realignment 2004………


Believe it or not, realignment is just around the corner and once again 2004 will have a new realignment.


While we have no way to know exactly what the SCHSL will do this go around, it has come to our attention here at SC Pigskin Prep that most schools are very pleased with the current alignment and many sources indicate that the alignment in 2004 will look very similar to what we have now.


Based on that information, we can expect that there will continue to be 48 teams in each classification with 1A having slightly fewer. It also seems clear that we will continue with the 8 regions having 6 teams each like we have in the current alignment.


The question then becomes which schools will move up in classification and which schools will move down.


Thanks to a friend of ours with sources in the SC Department of Education, we have secured a copy of the 45 Day 2002- 2003 school year average daily attendance for each school. This is commonly known as the 45 Day ADM. These are not the numbers that will be used in the realignment but these numbers are in from the same school year (2002-2003) as those that will be used. The actual numbers that are used will come out in Mid March reflecting the 135 day ADMs. Historically the numbers between the 45 day and 135 day ADM enrollment numbers have varied only slightly. Odds are the numbers we see here are what will become the final realignment in the spring.



The Big 16


These 14 schools will definitely be Big 16 in the next realignment.


2        DORMAN

3        STRATFORD

4        SUMTER



7        WANDO

8        ROCK HILL

9        WEST ASHLEY


11      RIDGE VIEW



14      GAFFNEY


The last 2 schools in Big 16 based on current numbers are Socastee and Spring Valley. However based on the new school opening of St James High, we anticipate that Socastee will lose more than enough students to drop back to Division 2.


Furthermore there is little doubt that the incredible growth at Hilton Head will propel them into the Big 16. In the spring of 2001, Hilton Head had 1496 students. Less than 18 months later the Seahawks have over 1856 students, a growth of 360 students in a short period of time. Based on these numbers, Hilton Head will continue to grow to over 2000 students in a short period of time and should be as high as #12 by realignment. Hilton Head was Class 2A in 1994 and now 9 years later are poised to be Big 16.


Dropping to Division 2 is the slow growing and mature area of Irmo as well as the new school Colleton County. Both schools are definite members of D2 in the next realignment


New to Big 16: Hilton Head and Spring Valley

Out to Division 2: Irmo and Colleton County



Class 4A


The current line for Class 4A is around 1416 students. There will be at least 4 new schools in Class 4A this realignment with possibly a 5th or 6th being added to it as we move toward the spring.


Definitely out for the new alignment will be Berkeley, Hartsville, Crestwood and Airport. It is also possible that Conway and Marlboro County could drop to 3A.


Moving up from 3A to 4A, we will see the following; Wren from Anderson County, North Charleston, York, and West Florence. Like wise it is distinctively possible that Clover from York County will move up.


The one unknown wildcard in this puzzle is exactly how the new school in Myrtle Beach will affect the attendence lines and attendance numbers in the Grand Strand area. Also how many students will stay at their current school via a grandfather clause rather than transfer to the new school, St James. Our best guess is that all the school in Horry County will lose a few students, at least enough to drop a space or two in the rankings. Based on that we see Conway dropping at least 30 students and moving down to 3A. Also the incredible growth in York County will place Clover in Class 4A for the first time ever.


Also we think that Berkeley will petition for a Class 4A move up and North Charleston will ask to be placed in 3A. The SCHSL will more than likely approve this request.


Moving to Class 4A:

Berkeley (appeal) Wren, York, West Florence, and Clover

Dropping to Class 3A:

North Charleston (appeal) Airport, Crestwood, Hartsville and Conway


Class 3A


On the other end of Class 3A, we expect 4 schools to move up to 3A and of course 4 schools to move down.


Definitely moving up will be the fast growing Blue Ridge of Northern Greenville County. The Tiger have added 126 students or 19.3% since the last realignment. Also Three other rural / suburb schools are poised to move up. Swansea and Chapin in Lexington County and Woodmont in Greenville County are all looking for moves up to Class 3A. One other school in rural Spartanburg County, Chapman looks to move up to 3A after strong growth in northern Spartanburg.


Moving down this alignment will be these schools, Broome from eastern Spartanburg along with Newberry, Kingstree and Holly Hill Roberts. We also predict based on past attendance patterns that Keenan's attendance will drop as the year continues and will push them just below the Class 3A line.


Moving Up to 3A:

Blue Ridge, Swansea, Chapin, Chapman and Woodmont

Headed to 2A: 

Newberry, Kingstree, Holly Hill, Keenan and Broome


Class 2A.


There will not be a great deal of movement from the 1A to 2A ranks this year as only 3 teams look to move.


Ninety Six after 4 season in Class 1A and winning over 90% of their games will move back to 2A along with Blacksburg and North Central. Moving down to 1A will be Academic Magnet who decided to play Independent football in 2002 along with Calhoun County and Bamberg Ehrhardt.

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