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Inside you'll learn how to contact us at so you can possibly be included into the database after we evaluate and analyze your highlight tape. More and more recruits are garnering more exposure and ultimately scholarship offers after being highlighted on Find out how you can be next and read what college coaches, fans, and parents are saying about us.

Each and every week we are asked exactly just what are the requirements for being featured on Here you can find out what steps to take in order to be considered for inclusion to the and databases.

How Do I Start The Evaluation Process with

  • In order to start the evaluation process you will need to send us your 3 to 6 minute long highlight DVD (copies will not be returned!)
  • If you do not have a highlight tape available but have full game DVD's available contact us so we can have a professional highlight DVD made for you at a reasonable price.
  • Include basic information such as your name, height, weight, primary position, secondary position, jersey #, and graduating class
  • A letter of recommendation from your head or assistant coach is also recommended along with your achievements and statistics from the previous season.
  • Include your email address, home phone number, and cell phone number so that we can contact you.
  • Send your DVD highlights to the following address:
    c/o Kerry Fair
    10 Pine Ridge Rd.
    Lyman, SC 29365

For any further questions please contact the staff at the following email address: (Kerry Fair)

"What Kerry and Shedrick have done over the last couple of years is help showcase a great deal of our high school talent here in South Carolina. My son had the talent but nobody really knew about him until they featured him on late during his junior season. I'm not hurting for money but the prospect of having to pay for four years of college is tough on anybody. After a few weeks or so my son started getting bombarded with mail from colleges from all over the eastern seaboard and from as far as California. His high school coach had never seen anything like it before. During the open period we started receiving phone calls from coaches who said they'd learned about my son on After a long hard decision my son signed to play for a D1 football program. I still sit back and smile thinking about how the recruiting process moved from nothing to an absolute frenzy. I was given the total bill if I were to have to pay out of pocket for four years of schooling and housing there by an assistant coach and it came to $128,856. (SMILE) Kerry and Shedrick's work is a great help to many kids who may not have even gotten a sniff from colleges if they weren't on the site but now they are able to go to college on a scholarship because of their work. We need more good guys like them to help these kids find a way to college especially during these hard economic times. I am signed up for what will be the first of at least 4 years worth of their premium content. I owe them that much and then some for what they've done for my family! My wife says they are the newest members of our family now for what they've done for us." -A proud father from the Columbia metro area

" is where we look first for South Carolina's top high school football prospects. Kerry does a great job of scouting these prospects early on and it gives us a jump on the recruiting trail. His updates also give us tons of important details that helps us to make informative decisions regarding our recruiting efforts in South Carolina." -an SEC Asst. Coach

"I used to be a subscriber to a competitor's site, operative words being "used to be". has the most information about the state's top players year in and year out. I love being able to see new player articles all the time and it's the first website I visit each morning or afternoon when I hop on the internet. Thanks a ton for keeping this high school football fanatic happy." -Gerald R. of Spartanburg SC

"This site rocks! My nephew was getting very little recruiting interest last year. After he was featured on this summer he started getting a lot of recruiting interest now. He has heard from and talked with coaches from the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big East, and other conferences this summer. He's already set up some unofficial visits and some coaches have told him he may get offered after they come watch him during the first couple of games of the season. The one constant that is involved in all of this is that almost every recruiting coach we've asked says they found out first about him on Thanks a million Kerry! Hopefully you'll be writing about my son in a few more years." -Michael W.

"I have to give you props Kerry. Our roster is has contained eight guys you've featured over the past few years and our head coach loves the information you provide for us. We are coming off one of the most successful seasons in school history. Other school's coaches have asked why we have so much luck with South Carolina prospects the past five or six years and we just chuckle to ourselves when they do. is my honey hole when it comes to finding prospects in South Carolina, nobody else puts us on with top guys like you do!" -FCS Asst. Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

"Kerry I've been a subscriber to the site for a few years now and first learned about every single one of our current players from South Carolina on the roster through your work. We're already working on our 2013 and 2014 classes pretty extensively and I know where some of my early visits will be once the season starts in a few weeks thanks to you. Keep the film, evaluations, and information coming my man. Wishing you and your family all the best and continued success.-ACC Asst. Coach

"Kerry I don't know where you keep finding these prospects at but I'm happy that you are. We are loving the South Carolina kids we've got up here already and will be hitting the state hard again the next few cycles hoping to sign some more South Carolina kids. Thanks for the updates and early leads.-MAC Recruiting Coordinator

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