J.L. Mann Duo On The Road

A pair of J.L. Mann Patriots are currently in Michigan fresh of camping with the Wolverines. 2011 CB Calvin Caldwell and 2011 S Pat Martin made the long journey up to Ann Arbor to camp with the Big Ten program. On their return home they'll stop and camp with an SEC program so come inside to get the very latest.

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Just finishing up camp yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan a pair of J.L. Mann teammates will remain on the road to make another camp visit later this week. Does the J.L. Mann and Michigan connection ring a bell for many of you? You see 2008 Mann CB/WR J.T. Floyd signed with the Wolverines and it appears the Big Ten powerhouse is taking a close look at some current Patriots to possibly help bolster their defensive backfield.

Martin gave SCPrepNation.com a buzz and had this to say. "Me and Calvin just finished up in Ann Arbor with the Wolverines. I think we did really well. We ran and worked with the senior prospects."

While it's still relatively early in the process for both prospects their making the long trip up to Michigan shows their serious interest in the program.

"We are still in Detroit right now. We are going to camp at Vanderbilt on Saturday and should be home next week."

Upon that return home SCPrepNation.com will sit down with the pair of Patriots to get a more in-depth look at their thoughts on both Michigan and Vanderbilt so stay tuned for the very latest right here.

2011 CB Calvin Caldwell

2011 S Pat Martin

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