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This year had to be the toughest ever for us in releasing our Top 60 prospects in the class of 2010 for the Palmetto State. After countless hours of travel to watch prospects in person, hours of evaluating video, and much discussion we've settled on our Top 60 in 2010. Today prospects 1-20 and will continue on until we unveil our Top 60 for 2010. unveils it's top 60 prospects for the Class of 2010 this week. We're starting at the top with 1-20. So check back everyday to see just where the top prospects landed in our lengthy list. Class of 2010 Top 20 Prospects
1. Marcus Lattimore – RB – Byrnes High
Why #1: Any doubts about Lattimore's ability should be checked at the door. This youngster as we projected almost 3 years ago is one of the country's top prospects currently as the #2 overall prospect in the country according to He runs with authority, has great size, tremendous hands for a running back, and has improved all facets of his game each season. One of the top prospects to come out of the Palmetto State in quite some time.div>
2. Brandon Willis – DT/DE – Byrnes High
Why #2: Willis continues to impress as he holds a ton of offers currently. What we love most about him is the fact that he carries his weight well and will easily be able to carry more weight on the next level. It's uncertain whether he'll line up inside or on the edge in college but he excels at both positions. College coaches come away raving about him in our conversations and they all agree that the it appears the sky is the limit for Willis.
3. Johnavon Fulton – CB – Manning High School
Why #3: Let the chatter begin. Yep we have vaulted Fulton over a number of guys who may be higher on other analysts' boards but we feel extremely comfortable in our assessment. Fulton is a prospect who has it all. He's got good size and unbelievable recovery speed at cornerback. We believe he's got a lot more room to improve but his natural ability and instincts are something that you just can't teach. One thing that really stands out about John is his competitive nature. We haven't seen anyone else in this class come close to getting after it on the camp/combine circuit this year. Everybody who wanted a piece of him in one on ones got a chance whether he had just locked up with 5 or 6 guys in a row previously or was just being called out after a break. He's a take no prisoners type of guy and he yearns to get better everyday. What's not to love about a guy who never stops trying to improve his already top flight talents?
4. Eric Mack – OL – Calhoun County High School
Why #4: This guy is one of the nation's very best at guard. A dominant force, Mack holds offers from a who's who of college football. Some may question his talent playing in the 1A classification but we feel he'd be just as dominant on any level. Once he engages there's little chance of disengaging and getting off his block. For a guy who's 6'3 328 pounds Mack moves extremely well and depending on what we see early on in the season there's a chance he could move up a spot or two.
5. A.J. Cann – C – Bamberg Ehrhardt High School
Why #5: If there was a dominant force who absolutely blew up since the end of last season it's A.J. Cann. The Bamberg Ehrhardt prospect dominates on both sides of the line and offers started coming in left and right for Cann once his junior film was released. Cann is another prospect who goes out and puts in work on the field. Cann has committed to the South Carolina Gamecocks which gives USC one of the nation's top OL prospects. is projecting Cann as a center on the next level but it's safe to say that we feel he could play multiple positions on the next level in Columbia.
6. Corey Miller – DE – Byrnes High School
Why #6: Miller is another prospect who has blown up since last season. People knew about him but what he's done over the course of the past 6 months is go from 218 pounds to 238 pounds and not lost a step of his 4.6 speed. The lack of weight questions can now be put to rest and add the fact that he's added a number of moves to his arsenal off the edge and you'll understand why we're so high on his talents. With over 25+ offers in hand Miller continues to catch the eye of college coaches from across the nation. Expect huge numbers from Miller once again and if he gets out of the blocks with some big games next season don't be surprised if he moves up once again. .
7. DeAndre Hopkins – CB – Daniel High School
Why #7: We exchanged pleasantries with a couple of Clemson fans who asked us where we had Hopkins and the claws came out. Don't get us wrong "Nuke" is obviously one of the state's premier prospects. He is able to dominate the high school level with relative ease but at times it appears that it's too easy for him. Some will argue that is just a sign of how far ahead he is of the competition but we feel at times that it appears that he's coasting. A dominant 14 INT season as a sophomore shows he's one of the top ballhawks in not only the state but the country. Some question his chances on the next level due to some low 40 times but once he asserts himself we will feel more than comfortable with moving him back into top 4 range.
8. Martavis Bryant – WR – T.L. Hanna High School
Why #8: We're going to catch heat for this one too and to be honest it's not anything that Bryant has done. The Yellow Jackets didn't have a steady QB last season and Bryant in our opinion wasn't able to show the world just how big of a talent he really is. His size and speed are unquestionable and we're banking that he'll break the 1,000 yard plateau this season after going for 776 yards and 6 TDs last year. With more touches and passes his way expect Bryant to move up the rankings after the season starts. Already committed to Clemson there are hopes that he can be the next big wide receiver to make it big for the Tigers.

9. Kelcy Quarles – DT – Greenwood High School
Why #9: Quarles is another player with tremendous upside. Blessed with a good first step and a nice blend of size, power, and speed he uses it to his full advantage. We were able to see Quarles in person twice last season and although he was injured during one game the other game we were able to see him in action it was evident that he's a bonafide Top 10 prospect. Expect more of the same from Quarles this year but team's will probably try to double team him this year with teammate DE Sam Montgomery headed to LSU next season.
10. Bashaud Breeland – S – Allendale-Fairfax High School
Why #10: Breeland lands in the top 10 after emerging late last season and landing a bunch of offers in the process. Breeland is one of the smoothest athletes in the state and his top end speed is probably one of the best in the state regardless of position. As a quarterback he uses that speed to get to the edge and find a seam where 9 times out of 10 he's going to win the footrace. As a safety he uses his speed and physicality to his benefit. Breeland is still learning at the safety position and he's got a high ceiling in our opinion. Bashaud has committed to Clemson and we think the Tigers have landed a real steal in the Allendale-Fairfax standout.
11. Dexter Morant – DE – Manning High School
Why #11?: In terms of potential this kid is near the very top. At 6'6 230 pounds he's an imposing sight for his opposition. He uses his length well and college coaches believe he'll be able to add another 20-30 pounds to his frame with relative ease. While he has the prototype size Morant doesn't have the top end speed coming off the edge that many may like but he more than makes up for that due to his length. Tallying over 100 tackles and 20 TFL last season Morant will certainly get better after another strong offseason. Our #3 prospect Johnavon Fulton credits Morant with almost half of his interceptions due to his pressure of the quarterback. Expect it to be a slugfest between schools trying to land his commitment as he's got as much upside as anyone else in the state in this class.
12. Justin Parker – LB – Beaufort High School
Why #12: Parker is another prospect who we strongly feel is being undervalued currently. The knock on him may be his 40 speed but in terms of making plays on the field from his MLB spot he's arguably the top prospect in the state. Parker has grown since the end of the season and is working hard on improving his speed and strength. In terms of on the field lateral movement he's definitely got football game speed, it appears it may just be a lack of track/40 speed that may be holding back some additional offers from rolling in for Parker. Watch his junior highlight reel and you'll see exactly why we're so high on this youngster.
13. Mustafa Greene – RB – Irmo High School
Why #13: The Irmo back holds some pretty hefty offers currently but things have been relatively quiet as of late as far as new offers go as he informed us that he wouldn't be making any visits or camps this offseason. Word is Greene has been trying to close the gap between himself and Marcus Lattimore this offseason. The world already knows he's a tremendous prospect and undoubtedly Greene likes the schools that he holds offers from as he says he wants to narrow it down to a top 5 by the time his senior season starts up. The lack of showings this offseason hasn't really helped him but he's talented enough that he barely moved either way in the standings in our book.
14. Kalon Davis – S/LB – Chester High School
Why #14: Here's a prospect that we expect to move up once he shows just how dominate he can be once again this season. Davis has grown, added weight, strength, and improved his technique which is bad news for anyone lining up across from him come next season. We'll be out to check him in action at least once or twice next season to see just how far up the rankings he'll vault in our next on it.
15. Nick Jones – WR – Byrnes High School
Why #15: The Byrnes standout continues to rise in the rankings and we don't think he's topped out yet either. After being a dominant force all over for the Rebels last season he's continued that pattern this offseason for the team in 7 on 7 play. The rest of the world is starting to see what we projected a few seasons ago as Jones is a skilled receiver who can go make plays against anybody and everybody. What he lacks in size he makes up for in heart and determination. In a day and age where size is a premium we're sold that Jones makes a big impact once again this year and in college as well wherever he chooses to go.
#16 Cornelius Jones – QB – Spartanburg High School
Why #16: Watching this young man progress and improve since last season has been a sight to see. There were tons of questions after news of the offer from Michigan was reportedly early last season. We knew Jones had all the makings to be a good one and he made good on all of it as he improved each week last season. The Wolverines gathered a commit just a few weeks ago from Jones and while it's uncertain whether he'll stay at QB in Ann Arbor he's got the tools to excel at a number of positions.
#17 Justin Henderson – DE – Bamberg Ehrhardt High School
Why #17: Like teammate A.J. Cann, Henderson exploded this offseason with offers coming in left and right. The Kentucky Wildcats secured Justin's commitment rather early and it appears that it could be a good pairing for both parties. Look for Henderson to continue his improvement from last season and put up more big numbers next year.
18. Andre Whitmire – LB – Spartanburg High School
Why #18: Whitmire quietly put together a tremendous season a year ago. He actually started to catch our eye during his sophomore season. With a frame made up for the MLB position Whitmire has gathered some impressive offers from a number of programs all over the country. In talking with college coaches they love his tenacity and tackling ability. Whitmire is strong in the classroom so he's going to take his time and figure out exactly which program is right for him.
19. Brice Laughlin – DT – Summerville High School
Why #19: Laughlin has a world of talent and although he was out much of last season due to an injury expectations are that he'll have a monster senior season. In terms of strength there may not be another DL prospect in the state who can match up with him except Brandon Willis. Laughlin committed to Maryland a while back but that hasn't stopped other schools from chasing after the Green Wave star.
20. Kendrick Frazier – LB – Denmark Olar High School
Why #20: While he may be recruited by some schools as a DE we feel his talents would make him a prototype LB. Frazier recently blazed a 4.54 40 time at a Shrine Bowl combine and at that size it screams of a top flight LB prospect. Once his film circulates more and people are able to see just how explosive this youngster is expect even more offers to come for Frazier. College coaches looking for a major sleeper should look no further, he'll blow up before long and you heard it here first.
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