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One of the pleasures we receive from running SC Pigskin Prep.Com is the privilege of meeting many of the young men who play high school football and make the game so great. This past week I had a chance to meet one such young man who personifies everything that it is good about High School Football. Meet Andrew (Drew) Sizemore.

A member of the 2002 State Championship Byrnes Rebels. Drew was a starting offensive guard for the Rebels this season and was instrumental in leading the powerful offensive unit for the champs.

Prior to the opening game of the season, Coach Bobby Bentley came up to Drew and told him that he was needed at offensive guard this season. Drew said I never had played guard before but I wanted to go where the team needed me. During the first game, Drew commented that he was not 100% sure where he was supposed to go but he followed his teammates and coach's lead and by midseason he was playing like he had been playing Guard for years.


Sizemore stated during our interview that the Conway game was for him was the highlight of his career. "We worked so hard to get there all season and knew what our goal was. It got a little close there at the end but we knew our coaches would get us through." Drew spoke highly of all the Byrnes coaching and stated he always wanted to be a Rebel.


"When I was a freshman, the team was struggling and no one really wanted to play. But my Dad had coached Coach Bentley in high school and knew what a great guy Bentely was. I knew from the first time I met him (Bentley) that I wanted to play for him and give Coach all I had."


And Andrew gave him all he had each and every week. Throughout the summer when most of us were out in the sun, Andrew and the Rebels were in the weight room sweating hard. "I made 29 out of 30 workouts this summer because I knew it was going to take that kind of dedication to make it to State"


Andrew also believed that 2 games really defined the season. He stated that the trip to Evangel in Louisiana was huge for the team because the team really had a chance to bond and it proved to the team that coaches would do anything for them including drive 1000 miles to play.


The game also gave notice to all the schools in South Carolina that Byrnes was among the elite programs in the state.


The next big test for Byrnes was Dorman in front of 14,000 fans.


"We really wanted Dorman because it had been so long since we beat them. It was a great game and both teams played hard. I was proud of the offensive line and thought we gave Justin (Byrnes QB) the time he needed to make the plays. We played well as a group but the game was tough and could have gone to either team."


Despite beating my beloved Cavaliers, Andrew is correct and that night proved that he and the offensive line would be strength for the Rebels all season long.


Andrew is now ready for the next stage of his college and football life. "I just am not ready to give it up yet." says Sizemore when asked about his future plans.


Andrew spoke recently with Lenoir Ryhne and Wofford had some contact with him early on. He also received letters from Mars Hill, Wingate and Gettysburg in Pennsylvania but his favorite is Newberry. On a trip down there earlier this year he fell in love with the school and campus.


"I like the small town atmosphere and the small classes. I think it would help me do well with the individual attention that professors are able to offer to students"


He also like the close knit nature of the team and with several Ex Rebels already on the Indian roster feels he would fit in right at home.


Andrew is a full qualifier with a great SAT score in a strong GPA in college prep courses. He has already been accepted academically to Newberry and is looking forward to discussing football with the new coaching staff.


For our money they don't come much better than this young man and we know that whichever school gets him, they will have a fine player on the field and a leader in the classroom.


Best of luck to Andrew as he moves on to the next stage of his career.






Editor's Note:


Over the next few weeks we are going to continue our look at many of the top players around the state who are looking at college options. While everyone can't be among the Top 10 players in the state, that does not diminish the fact that there are many great young men out there who are fantastic football players. Our goal is to recognize these players and send out the props to those who deserve them.


If you or one of your players would like to be featured in the weeks to come, drop us an email and we would be honored to highlight you in a future column.



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