Catching Up With Jerel Franklin

This former McCormick High star decided to take his game to the JUCO ranks at the conclusion of his high school career. recently caught up with the talented RB/DB prospect to see how things have been progressing for him as of late. Come inside for the very latest…

Q&A With Jerel Franklin

SM: Jerel, at the end of your high school career you decided to give the JUCO ranks a shot. What led you to that decision?

JF: I went to junior college so I could get some more looks from colleges. I really didn't have a whole lot of schools looking at me when I was in high school.

SM: When you were in high school, schools like Coastal Carolina, South Carolina, Charleston Southern, and South Carolina State were keeping tabs on you as a prospect. Are any of these schools still expressing interest in you?

JF: I haven't been hearing from those particular schools that much. But I've been hearing from East Carolina a lot. They came by my school and told me that they're looking for a big back. But they are not sure if they want to take a junior college back. But if they do, they told me that I am at the top of their list.

SM: Before you left for Louisburg Community College, you were weighing approximately 185-190 pounds. What are you weighing these days?

JF: Right now I am weighing around 210-215 pounds.

SM: In high school, you were a legitimate 4.4 guy in the forty-yard dash. What are you clocking now-a-days?

JF: I haven't been timed in the forty recently. But the last time I did it, I ran a 4.5.

SM: You were being recruited at two different positions during your senior year at McCormick; running back and cornerback. Which position(s) have you been playing at Louisburg?

JF: At Louisburg, I play running back. I also return kicks and punts.

SM: How would you compare the workout regimen at Louisburg to the workout plan you had at McCormick?

JF: The workout is so much more intense here at Louisburg. Everything is fast paced. It's like we are constantly moving the whole time we are in there.

SM: Did you get to partake in the Spring Game this year?

JF: Yes sir, I did. I only had two carries in the game, because we have so many running backs, and they wanted to give everybody some playing time. But on my first carry, I took it to the house for 55 yards.

SM: What can Hurricane Fans expect from Jerel Franklin as an athlete on the field this fall?

JF: They can expect Adrian Peterson (laughing). They can expect me to give 100% on every down.

SM: Is there anything you'd like to say to HS athletes who have a desire to play on the next level someday?

JF: It's not all about what you do in the front of people; it's about what you do whenever they don't see you. In other words, what do you do outside of a team practice or a game? You have to constantly work at it. It's a full-time job.

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