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SCPrepNation.com sits down with 2011 Riverside CB D.J. Bolden in this exclusive Q&A. Bolden put together a strong sophomore campaign and after reviewing his film it's clear to see that he's a name to watch in the 2011 class as he's one of the most technically sound corners we've seen in quite some time. Come inside for the inside scoop.

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D.J. Bolden Q&A

KF: You had some outstanding numbers last year as a sophomore. What were some of your best games last year and what made those games so memorable?
DB: My most memorable games I think are Chapman and Greer. They both were losses but they also were my two best games statistically. In the Chapman game I actually scored on the 2nd or 3rd play from scrimmage on a fumble recovery. Overall I had 9 solos, 2 assists, a fumble recovery for a touchdown, and an interception. In the Greer game I had 11 solos, 3 assists, a forced fumble, an interception, and a pass defended against Desmond Parks in the endzone who is now a Florida Gator.

KF: Who are some of the toughest players you've matched up against so far in your career? What made each of them so tough?
DB: Playing DB people would think my toughest match-up was a reciever, but actually it is J.L. Mann running back Cameron Blassingame just because he runs so hard. I think that he is an exceptional player at his position. As far as recievers go the only player that sticks out in my mind are two of my own teammates reciever Alex Poag, and a running back/reciever Osha King.

KF: You attended camp at North Carolina recently. Talk a little bit about your camp experience in Chapel Hill. What were some things that really stood out to you?
DB: I really enjoyed all of the coaches, they were all great. I learned a lot up there, just little stuff here and there that helped my game a bunch. The competition up there is what really stood out to me. It was just an eye-opener to me in regards to the talent pool out there.

KF: What do you feel are the strengths of your game at this point in your career?
DB: Honestly I think the strengths of my game are my open field tackling and overall strength considering I'm only 160 pounds. I have pretty good coverage and ball skills but the tackling is what really stands out to me.

KF: What aspects of your game do you want to work on to improve the most this offseason?
DB: This offseason with the switch from cornerback to safety, I have just been working on my footwork and my strength diligently. Just little things here and there that will put me in position to make a play. I have always worked on speed, but now I realize there is so much more to the game of football than speed. I think the most important thing I have worked on is being a better teammate. Not that I was a bad one before, but really just becoming a true leader on and off the field for my team.

KF: What is your outlook for next year's Riverside team?
DB: We are just taking it one step at a time. Right now our focus is Eastside, the first game of the season. We were 2-8 last year, but I think the team has grown from that experience and become more alert and focused on the task at hand. The goal is now not only having a good season but making a run for the state championship.

KF: What goals have you set for your team and yourself on a personal level?
DB: On a personal level for the team I have set the goal of making the playoffs. A lot of players would say to win state if asked that question, but once you get to the playoffs you will be surprised how teams step it up. So right now the goal is to number one earn respect back to Riverside, and two to make the playoffs and take it a game at a time. Well considering that most people regard the junior year as the most important, my goals are 100 tackles and 7 interceptions.

KF: What schools out there have you heard from?
DB: Quite honestly I havent just heard from any schools. While at UNC the coaches there as well as from other schools have said they were impressed and would be looking out for me this season.

KF: What schools interest you the most or would like to hear from in the near future?
DB: My number one school is UNC. Other schools that interest me though are Appalachian State, East Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Miami, Clemson, and Georgia Tech just because they have excellent academics and they aren't to far away from home.

KF: You're an exceptional student in the classroom, shed some light about your list accomplishments in the classroom and in the community.
DB: Well I have a cumulative 3.9 GPA in Advanced/Honors core classes. I'm currently on the Speech & Debate Team at my school. I was an active participant in MLK Dream Weekend, and I volunteer time to help out at the Miracle Hill Homeless Shelter in Greenville, SC. I think something interesting is that I was invited as a Student/Athlete Ambassador to Vienna, Austria in the summer of 2008 by the People to People Ambassadors Organization founded by Dwight Eisenhower.

KF: What aspects will you consider the most when looking at potential colleges?
DB: The most important thing is the education so that's the first priority. The location is the next big thing because I don't want to be to far away from home if I can help it. Playing time will come with hard work so that's not an issue on my mind, but wherever I play I think a strong relationship with the coaches is very important. I want to go to a college in a respectable conference, and also a place with nice facilites. So basically I'm looking at it all as I search for potential colleges.

KF: We know it's still really early in your career but have you thought about what field of study you'd like to possibly pursue in college?
DB: I'm pretty sure that I want to do something in the field of Information Technology. Something like computer programming just because I love messing with and being on the computer. I'm very interested in seeing how they put it all together and make it all function.

We're switching gears here a bit. Would you rather make the big hit on an opponent to help sway the momentum of the game or would you prefer to make a picture perfect pass deflection to take the wind out of your opponents' sails?
DB: It really depends on the situation, if it's a close game I would rather get the big hit for momentum purposes, but if we are blowing the team out I would want to get the pass deflection just to take all the wind out of them to let them know there is no chance of coming back. Both would be nice though, hopefully I will have plenty of both next year and the years to come.

KF: What are your current maxes in the weight room and in terms of testing times?
DB: My bench press max is 250 pounds. Squat max is 440 pounds. My fastest 40 time is 4.50 seconds. In the pro shuttle it's 4.28 seconds and in the L-drill it's 7.53 seconds.

SCPrepNation.com will continue to track Bolden as we're certain he's one of the hidden gems in the 2011 recruiting class. So stay tuned right here for the very latest regarding Bolden and other top SC high school prospects!

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