Austin Crowe Talks About His First Offer

An in-depth interview with 2010 Boiling Springs High S/WR Austin Crowe who received his first scholarship offer yesterday. Inside Crowe talks about his current season, recruiting, and outlook for the rest of his senior season. Come inside to see just when Crowe could make his final decision and make a commitment with

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It's a day almost every prospect across America will remember, the day they received that first scholarship offer. That day was yesterday for 2010 Boiling Springs High S/WR Austin Crowe. As reported by Crowe landed his first offer from the Citadel Bulldogs. We caught up with Crowe after school and football practice to talk about his offer and recruitment.

The Bulldogs have a perfect 6-0 record on the year thus far and while many unfamiliar with the squad would say the mark is reason for sheer joy there's a slight dark cloud hanging over much of the Boiling Springs community. The Bulldogs received a punishment of being banned from the playoffs due to playing an 8th grade prospect during their Spring Game.

Crowe had this to say about the situation, "Well yeah that was real tough, we know we only have 11 games to play so we're just pushing hard to make the best out of the 11 well the 5 games we have left."

The Bulldogs have also been without head coach Bruce Clark for most of the season, Clark has in recent weeks been back on the sidelines on Friday nights to help guide and support his players. His presence alone has been an inspiration to his team because Clark underwent surgery and now is currently rehabilitating in Atlanta to learn how to walk again.

"He's amazing, he's one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. He's trying to learn how to walk again and we're out there playing football. He still makes it out to see us and coach us on Friday nights…that makes a big difference for us."

Crowe has used that inspiration to help show off his talents on Friday nights to the tune of 67 tackles on the defensive side of the ball and has caught 7 passes for 170 yards on the offensive side.

How did he feel when he got the news of his first scholarship offer?

"It feels great! It's a lot of pressure off my chest and now I can go out and just play ball and try to see what other offers I may get now."

Crowe shared with us his knowledge of the Citadel program.

"I like their coaches a lot. I know it'll be tough if I go down there but I know I can do it. I don't think it'll be that bad at all being in a military atmosphere."

In fact Crowe has been on campus quite a bit recently to check out the school and team.

"Yeah I've been down there for their past 2 home games. I like the atmosphere a lot. I went before the game to talk with a few of the coaches and we went and saw the weight room and stuff like that. They are recruiting me as a safety. I really like their coaches a lot and we just click really good. Right now they are recruiting me the hardest. Elon and Western Carolina are recruiting me pretty hard too. I like the Citadel a lot but I'm open to other schools still especially the SoCon schools."

Having a strong bond with the coaching staff will play a vital role in Crowe's decision making process as it'll be atop his list of criteria. After that he says the atmosphere and the chance to see the field early on will play a part in the process for him.

With the offer on the table currently will Crowe wait things out to see what offers may come and sign on NSD or will he commit early possibly if the right offer comes in?

"I'm gonna give it a couple of weeks and see if anybody else offers. If they do I'm gonna sit down and talk it over with my parents and see what's best for me. If things are good then I will probably commit early."

Inside the Numbers...Austin Crowe
Bench press: 225 pounds
Squat: 430 pounds
Power clean: 260 pounds
Fastest 40 time: 4.58 seconds
Vertical: 33"

Crowe says that he's a solid student in the classroom and carries an A/B average.

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