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2010 QB Dylan Thompson gave his verbal commit to Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks back in June. Well the Boiling Springs standout has opened his senior season and guided his team to a 6-0 record. Come inside and get the very latest with Thompson in this Q&A as he talks about his season, recruiting, and outlook for the Gamecock program inside.

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Dylan Thompson Q&A
2010 Boiling Springs High QB
South Carolina Commitment

KF: What are your stats so far this season?
DT: We're 6-0 right now. I'm 74-113 for 1,327 yards with 18 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. I know I have rushed for 411 yards and 3 touchdowns and average 7.2 yards per carry.

KF: You guys are enjoying one of the best seasons ever in Boiling Springs history, despite the fact that you won't be allowed to play in the playoffs because of the SCHSL ruling it seems like you guys are going out there every week and just enjoying the opportunity to play each game and leaving it all out on the field, is that the case?
DT: Yes, I definitely think that's how we are approaching it, and you never know, one day the SCHSL may realize that they made a harsh ruling and let us go to the playoffs. That's what I pray each night.

KF: You had a game a few weeks ago where you rushed for quite a bit of yardage and scores for the team, is that an aspect of your game that you feel may get overlooked sometimes?
DT: Yes, against Emerald I had 7 carries for 203 yards and threw for 224 yards. I had to run the ball more that game because our running backs were hurt but it was just the offensive line blocking well and me taking advantage of them blocking so great. I think people look at me and think I can't run, but what other people think doesn't affect me. I just go out each week and play all out.

KF: Would you call that game your Tim Tebow performance/impersonation?
DT: I definitely WOULDN'T put me and Tebow in the same sentence anytime soon. But I do look up to him and think he is a great role model on and off the field. But I just want to be the best I can be, and not worry about trying to be Tebow.

KF: What aspects of your game have really evolved this season you feel?
DT: I really think I'm a lot more accurate and my arm has gotten a lot stronger. And mainly, this off-season I worked hard on my speed. I am a lot faster than I was last year and have put on weight at the same time. Our strength & speed program is great and I've benefitted greatly from it. My 40 time has went from a 4.78 seconds at the Scout.com camp to a 4.61 seconds on grass at USC.

KF: Being committed to USC and seeing the success they are enjoying currently how does it make you feel about the program's future?
DT: I think USC is doing very good this year. But, the scary thing is that they are so young. I think 3/4 of their starters are underclassmen and I can't wait to get down there and compete with those guys.

KF: You've been a frequent visitor to USC's home games, how was the atmosphere especially during the Ole Miss victory on Thursday night a few weeks ago?
DT: Man, that was the loudest game I have ever been to. I have been to many big games, and that was definitely the loudest. The last two downs were so loud you couldn't hear yourself talk.

KF: What players are you working pretty hard in terms of recruiting them to try and come with you to Columbia?
DT: Mainly, I talk to guys like Marcus Lattimore, Nick Jones, John Fulton, and Justin Parker because I know if they come then Carolina has a great shot at winning the SEC in a few years.

KF: You mentioned earlier in the season that you guys wanted to go out and break the school record for points scored, are you guys still on track to break that mark?
DT: I think right now were on track to get the record. We just need to keep preparing hard and hopefully the wins will keep coming.More importanly, we're in this thing for Coach Clark and we want to make this season one that he and the rest of South Carolina never forget.

KF: What do you feel has been your best game this season so far? What were your stats and what made it so memorable for you?
DT: No doubt I think my best game was against Wren. Not only stats wise, but that was when Coach Clark came back to Boiling Springs for the first time. The stadium was packed. I was 19-30 for 352 yards and 6 TD's passing and ran for a 15 yard TD. I just wanted that to be a night for him to remember and thats what he told me after the game was that he would "never forget this night".

KF:What message do you want to share with the South Carolina Gamecock faithful out there?
DT: I just want them to know they are getting a hard worker, a dedicated leader, and a player that will never give up until South Carolina wins an SEC Championship.

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