"Swamp Fox" Jensen Goes 28-12 Last Week

"Swamp Fox" survived last week with a 70% pick rate during last week's round of playoff games. We're upping the ante on him this week to pick 70% or better this week after telling him 65% or give it up last week. Come inside and see what ol' "Swamp Fox" had to say about his picks last week as guys like Spartanburg QB Cornelius Jones (pictured) moved on to the next round of the playoffs.

Well for the most part last week I went with my gut and I ended up picking 28 out of 40 games last week. Kerry said I needed to pick at least 2/3 of the games to continue on and I barely made that with a 70% rate.

I had a few games I picked as upsets and they were a reach I guess but I felt like I had a few to chance. From here on out I'm going with the maybe just one upset per week.

AAAA Division 1
I went 7-1 with the upset of Rock Hill by Spartanburg as my only blemish. That I can live with.

AAAA Division 2
I did fairly well here going 6-2. I chanced picking Conway over North Augusta and it came back to bite me. The Wren-James Island slugfest was surprising but I can live with it. Now if I can only get my hands on that game film to see all the fireworks that went on in that 56-55 battle.

I went out on a limb here with J.L. Mann and BHP to upset perennial powers in AAA, Union County and Clinton. So much for the upstarts last week as the old hats won once again. Prayers go out to the folks injured at the Union County Stadium collapse too by the way. I ended up 5-3 for the week and should have been 7-1 but hey I gambled on some upsets and it came back to bite me.

I felt confident going in to this one that I picked a solid upset in Silver Bluff taking out Cheraw. The Braves proved me wrong though. I think a lot of people were shocked by the Woodruff loss to Batesburg-Leesville. I heard it was a great game but man I knew I was going to go at least 7-1 instead of 6-2 here in the AA playoffs.

I show my lack of knowledge here in the 1A ranks as I went a pitiful 4-4. I thought Allendale-Fairfax was going to utilize Bashaud Breeland and Jerell Priester to shock Lamar and it just didn't happen for me. I enjoyed the Calhoun County win over Bamberg-Ehrhardt game in person. Kudoes to the Saints on another impressive win. I think this week may be another crapshoot for me in 1A so maybe I'll try flipping quarters instead of analyzing too much here. HAAAAA!

I have my picks for next week ready so be sure to check them out when Kerry posts them for me. He also mentioned a contest for the state championship games that everyone can get in on with a pretty snazzy prize for the winners.

Now get out there and enjoy some of the great South Carolina high school football playoff action this Friday night!

"The G. is for grrreat!"

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