Scout's Analysis: Mauldin-Byrnes

A look at the immense amount of talent on the field Friday night as the Byrnes Rebels hosted the Mauldin Mavericks in the 2nd round of the AAAA Division 1 playoffs. The Rebels won 69-28 but we were in awe of the talent on the field for both teams. The senior classes were well repped but there's tons of youth on the rise with bright futures for both squads as well.

There was talent all over the field on Friday night as we braved the cool temperatures and got a birdseye view of all the action on top of the press box at Nixon Field. The Rebels came away with a 69-28 victory but we felt pretty overwhelmed ourselves with the multitude of talent on display from both teams.


2010 RB Andre Clarke (Mauldin)- Clarke continues to impress us every time we see him. He doesn't get the attention he truly deserves either. Rushing 23 times for 175 yards against a pretty stout Byrnes defense isn't a small feat. Clarke is a big back who doesn't dance around much, it's maybe one move and hit the hole, HARD. Gave Byrnes a fit most of the night. Some school is going to get a diamond in the rough in Clarke.

2010 RB/S Tiquention Coleman (Mauldin)- Coleman did a little bit of everything as usual for the Mavericks. He returned kicks, punts, rushed out of the backfield, lined up at receiver, and made some stops at the safety position. We almost forgot that he had an interception as well. We feel Coleman's future on the college level may be at safety first. Don't get us wrong he's an explosive player at running back but he's one of the most vicious tacklers we've seen in a few seasons.

2010 QB Chas Dodd (Byrnes)- Byrnes fans probably have been spoiled by the production of Dodd over the years. He wasn't perfect tonight as he threw an interception but everything else was dead on. Going 17-22 for 326 yards and 5 touchdowns Dodd made it look relatively easy. His velocity was on point as usual and there were a couple of passes he made that few high school players could even get close to completing. People criticize him for his lack of size but his arm and pocket presence far outway those doubts.

2010 OL Taylor Hudson (Mauldin)- We didn't get to focus on Hudson much during the actual game but after reviewing the film he has improved on his footwork and lower body strength over his senior season. We were told that he's been told to report to East Carolina at 290 pounds and right now sits at 265 pounds. If only everybody else were given the task of gaining 25 pounds.

2010 DT Roland Johnson (Byrnes- The unsung hero for the Rebels defensive line up front Johnson was in the Mavericks backfield most of the night. His sheer strength, bullrush, and leverage give him a great jump off the ball and he's fast enough to pursue ballcarriers who try to escape to the edge. Underrated and now that he's qualified expect a late rush of schools to start showing interest. He's in Tennessee today for a visit with Corey Miller and Brandon Willis in fact. We're set to interview him over the weekend so stay tuned for an update.

2010 WR Nick Jones (Byrnes)- Jones got things buzzing right out of the gate with a long end around run on the Rebels' first play from scrimmage. Jones ran pretty solid routes all night and showed us the burst that makes him an optimal candidate as a slot receiver on the next level. Mishandled one handoff resulting in a fumble but other than that he excelled when he was targeted making a number of plays in the open field.

2010 WR Jazz King (Byrnes)- He didn't start fast but when he saw his first pass of the night he made the most of it taking it to the house in fashion blazing by defenders along the way. Scored two touchdowns from 63 and 45 yards out. Some schools may be recruiting him as an athlete but he's got a knack for getting behind defenders for big plays as a wideout.

2010 RB Marcus Lattimore (Byrnes)- What's more to say about the #1 rated running back in the nation? He showed us a little bit of his entire arsenal on Friday night. He bowled over quite a few defenders on some of his runs and bounced off a number on others. Those questions about his speed may linger but we rarely see him walked down from behind these days. Finished the night with 13 carries for 153 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also had a receiving touchdown for 40 yards out weaving his way through the Mauldin defense. He's still the best pound for pound offensive player in the nation in my eyes.

2011 QB/WR Jeremiah McKie (Mauldin)- It's tough to analyze a guy who's facing a defensive front who all are D1 caliber prospects. For what it's worth McKie did what he could and made some really nice plays on the positive side of things. The pressure got to him at times and forced him to make some passes he probably wouldn't want to resulting in interceptions. He wasn't able to get out o the pocket much as the Byrnes' speed is on another level compared Schools are recruiting McKie as an athlete and right now we see him as a wide receiver on the college level. McKie has good size and will continue to excel. He's made strides each season and we expect him to show up at various camps and combines this offseason to improve his stock even more. Stay tuned for a recruiting update soon with McKie right here at

2010 DE Corey Miller (Byrnes)- Showing off his talents once again was Miller. He faced a pretty big offensive line but utilized his speed and strength off the edge making quite a few plays on the night. He caused a fumble, recovered another fumble, had a sack, and tormented the Mauldin backfield most of the night. Continues to get better and his upside is off the charts. Should see the field fairly early for the Volunteers given his athleticism and skillset.

2010 CB Zach Miller (Byrnes)- Miller went head to head with Mauldin's top wideout all night long. He won his fair share of the battles with a few passes defensed and deflected, the 2010 prospect also made an interception as well to stop a Mauldin drive in the red zone. He showed us the flashes that make him one of the top coverage corners in the state but also got beat inside multiple times by a fellow D1 prospect. Wasn't his best performance but he's resilient and is smart enough to put bad plays behind him and move on to the next.

2010 WR Torian Richardson (Byrnes)- Richardson was on when the ball came his way on Friday night. He scored on a beautiful catch and run from 44 yards out early on and displayed the extra gear that has so many schools so enamored with him. At times in the past he has a tendency to look downfield before securing the ball but I think he only did it once that I can remember. A very dangerous downfield threat Richardson's speed gave Mauldin fits in the open field.

2011 LB Carson Smith (Mauldin)- Some guys just "get it" and Smith is one of those prospects. His instincts are very good and he's got the frame to carry another 15 or 20 pounds. Right now he doesn't have clock speed but he obviously gets it done all over the field with 100+ tackles in each of the past two seasons. Smith is also a monster in the classroom as well so schools like Duke, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, and Ivy Leagues should take note. We'll talk with Smith this coming week to see who he's already heard from and what his plans are for improving this offseason.

2011 CB Jackie Smith (Mauldin)- We didn't know about Smith until after this game but this youngster has tons of potential. Checking in at 6'1 Smith is a big corner. On the night he made two really nice interceptions and displayed some great closing speed. Smith broke the Mauldin school record for most INTs in a single season we were told and with another season it'll be interesting to track him. A player to keep a close eye on for 2011.

2010 WR Anthony Stephens (Mauldin)- This young man has been under the radar for far too long. Every time we saw highlights of Mauldin you'd find Stephens torching opponents for long touchdowns. Friday night was no different as he matched up with 3-star CB Zach Miller most of the night and went for 3 touchdowns. With good size and a tremendous wingspan Stephens reportedly had strong interest from Georgia Tech after a great showing in camp there during the offseason. So guess who was on the sidelines during Friday night's game? None other than the Yellow Jackets, we'll follow up with Stephens to see who else is showing him interest at this point. He's also a standout in the classroom we're told so here's a kid who's highly recruitable and explosive as an athlete on the field.

2012 CB Davon Terry (Byrnes)- Here's another youngster we didn't know anything about before the game. This one must have been his breakout game because he was all over the field making plays. He's got decent size at 5'9 but being just a sophomore there's time for him to continue to grow. Liked his ability to step up in run support and his ballhawking instincts. Tracking like one to watch for in the class of 2012.

2011 WR/TE Craig Weick (Byrnes)- We've been watching the young man since last season and he's started to turn it on this year. At 6'6 he projects as a tight end and he didn't get started until the second half. Showed very good hands and strength despite checking in at 195 pounds. He dragged defenders at various times for extra yardage and surprisingly ran pretty crisp routes. There's room for improvement but the interest in him should continue to grow as he improves his skills.

2010 DT Brandon Willis (Byrnes)- Willis was pretty active but faced double teams a good bit of the night. He commanded that attention and it helped his linemates Miller and Johnson many times. I overheard some in the crowd saying he isn't the same as he was a year ago but his reputation made him a priority for most teams. Made plays inside and chased a few down on the edge showing his athleticism.

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