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One of the top offensive linemen in the state this season will be Crestwood's own Michael Helton.

Playing in the Crestwood Wing T formation can be difficult and often times it is make or break for offensive linemen. If you can't move and move quickly in this offense then you will find yourself being beat constantly by the opposing defensive line and watching your team's offensive attack move backwards.


Michael Helton is an offensive coach's dream. He stands at an imposing 6'2 and takes up a great deal of space in the middle of the Knight line. He garnered All Region awards in 2001, 2002 and also All-Area each year as well. The Wing T works well due to the hard work of the Knight offensive linemen.


Over the past two years Michael has graded out to 84% as a sophomore, and then 86% this year with 35 knockdown blocks. Helton has shown an amazing ability to move along the line of scrimmage. He was credited with knock down blocks from his center's position last season. In this year's loss to Marlboro County, he played so well that he was chosen as the Sumter Item's Lineman of the Week.  He was also chosen as the Lineman of the week two additional times as a junior and once as a sophomore.


Helton was recently timed at 5.1 in the 40 yard dash, and his strength is getting better each day.  His real asset is agility and on field presence.  He shows incredible leadership on the field and also handles long snapping for field goals and punts, as well as shotgun snaps. 


Michael is a strong student who projects as a full qualifier.


Best of luck to the Michael and Knights on 2003.



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