2011 Intro: JICHS WR Bo Patterson

This 6-1, 185 pound wide receiver prospect has the ability to make something great happen each and every time he touches the football. Inside, SCPrepNation.com will introduce you to the gifted 2011 prospect from out of James Island Charter High School.

Palmetto State football fans meet Bo Patterson, a 6-1, 185 pound wide receiver prospect from out of James Island Charter High School. Although his name may not sound familiar to most of you, he is certainly no stranger to a number of coaches in the college ranks. I guess that explains why his mailbox has been over flooding with letters of interest from various programs far and wide.

"I'm getting letters from all over," Patterson told SCPrepNation.com. "I'm getting stuff from a lot of big time schools like Clemson, South Carolina, TCU, Notre Dame, Illinois; everyone really. I just have a lot of DI schools showing a lot of interest in me right now."

Last fall Patterson was without question a heavy contributor for the Trojans as a wide receiver, hauling in 75 catches for 1002 yards and 11 touchdowns. And although wideout was primarily where he made his living, it was simply not uncommon to see the gifted athlete line up at other positions. Having that being said, it simply makes it safe to say that this young man is a jack of all trades…

"Predominantly I'm a receiver," the Low Country prospect said. "But I play under center in the Wildcat formation. I also play corner and safety on defense. I can return kicks, and I can snap and hold."

When asked what he does well on the gridiron as a wide receiver, Patterson responded saying, "I think the best thing personally, is my blocking. I love to block on running plays, which is different from a lot of other receivers. I think I catch the ball well in traffic as well."

While there's a lot of positive feedback regarding his skill set as a wideout, there are a few areas of his game where he'd like to see some improvement. "I'm working on my route running, trying to get that better," Patterson shared. "I'm always working on my hands; you can never catch too many balls. I'm also trying to get faster. And blocking, there always room for improvement in that."

While Patterson has a bright future on the football field he has worked just as hard inside the classroom. Obviously, someone has instilled in him that education merely takes priority over football and/or any other sport. "Academics, obviously they can open doors," the gifted student-athlete said. "The better the grade, the more you can set yourself apart from the other players out there that run, jump, and catch the ball as well. I have over a 4.0 GPA in the classroom, and I'm really trying to keep that up. I took the SAT and the ACT a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't received my scores yet. So I am waiting on those."

During our segment with Patterson, the James Island Charter High standout never mentioned anything in regards to having a clear cut favorite. But however, he didn't have a problem letting us know some of the programs he's highly interested in. And he will be visiting a number of them whether it's for a Junior Day event, or a summer camp session… "I'll be going to South Carolina's Junior Day next weekend," Patterson said. "As far as camps this summer, I think I'll be going back to Duke and Wake Forest; like I did last year. And I'll probably be going to camps at NC State, South Carolina, Clemson, and Vanderbilt."

Stay tuned with SCPrepNation.com as we continue to keep a close eye on this gifted "student-athlete" from out of the 2011 recruiting class.

Did you know that 2-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver, Roddy White, of the Atlanta Falcons was a former James Island standout?

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