ATH Jalen Frazier: One To Watch In 2012!

Cross High sophomore ATH, Jalen Frazier, may not be well-known to football fans throughout the Palmetto State just yet. But he has certainly impressed the Trojan Coaching Staff with his talent, to where they feel he'll be one to watch in 2012.

Jalen Frazier Profile

"I think if he works really hard, he could be another Bruce Ellington-type of athlete," Cross Head Coach Shaun Wright said of the 5-9, 155 pound athlete. "He has a legitimate shot to make it to the next level; no question… A lot of coaches already know about him, but he's got to put in the work for it."

Frazier, who primarily lined up under center for the Trojans last season passed for nearly 1000 yards and 8 touchdowns though the air, and rushed for approximately 500 yards on the ground. And though his numbers may not appear quite as gaudy as others, keep in mind; he was only a sophomore.

"I thought Jalen handled things really well as a sophomore last season," Wright said. "He played a huge part in our offense, which averaged 30 points a game last season. He directed us really well last year. And I think the team really respected him for being a leader for us."

"I am extremely pleased at where he is right now," Wright continued. "But he still has a long way to go. There are a few things that we still have to get out of him. He's got to get stronger in the weight room for sure. He also needs to get faster too. So there are a few areas where he could use some improvement. But on a good note, I can already see some of those things transforming."

"I thought Jalen handled things really well as a sophomore last season. He played a huge part in our offense, which averaged 30 points a game last season. He directed us really well last year. And I think the team really respected him for being a leader for us. – Cross Head Coach Shaun Wright on Frazier

Coach Wright, who was a former standout for the Trojans back in the early to mid 90s, took the Cross coaching job in ‘09. And while it took Wright some time to learn most of his new players and their roles, he admitted that it didn't take quite as long to recognize the talent Frazier brings to the table… In fact, it was during the Trojans' first game of the 2009 football season when Wright realized he had a special player on his squad.

"It was the James Island Game," Wright said without hesitation. "That was my first game coaching him, and his first game starting at quarterback under me. His highlights against James Island spoke for itself. Without Jalen, we wouldn't have won that game. That's when it really struck me, that he was something special…"

At 5-9, 155 pounds, Jalen is merely not the prototypical size that college coaches long for in a QB. So with that in mind, he may have to consider playing another position on the collegiate level. But however, it's still a little too early to say whether or not the youngster will have a growth spurt…

"Right now it's kind of hard to say how much Jalen is going to grow over the next couple of years," said Wright. "But if he doesn't reach the height that college coaches desire in a quarterback, he'll definitely play slot receiver or defensive back for somebody. This year he is going to play about 50% of the snaps on defense for us; mainly in the secondary. I was a little hesitant about playing him on both side of the ball last year, but we are really going to turn him loose this season."

Wright informed SCPrepNation that he also plans to give Frazier some early exposure by shopping him around on the 2010 Combine/Camp circuit this spring/summer. "He'll be a junior this coming fall, and we've got to get him exposed," Wright said. "We are going to take him to a couple of camps and a couple of combines to show him what he's up against; things like that."

Coach Wright simply feels that it is very important to give Frazier every opportunity that he can, to assist him with furthering his education and athletics on the next level. And being that he is aware of the different avenues that you can use to expose today's high school prospects, Wright is simply willing to go above measure for the 2012 talent. But however, Frazier has to keep his end of the bargain…

"As long as he works for us, we'll work for him," Wright said. "As long as he continues to work hard on the field and in the classroom, I'll do everything I can to get him exposed as an athlete. I didn't have all of these opportunities to get exposed like they do today. So every opportunity I have to expose my kids, I'm going to do it. I feel I owe them that. To me it's not all about how many games Jalen can win for us; it's also about what we can do for him. I am happier about getting a kid into college more than anything. That's much more fulfilling to me…"

Academically, Frazier is a fairly solid student inside the classroom, but Wright feels like there is much room for improvement. "He's a "B" student," Wright said of Frazier. "But I feel like he can do a little bit better. He knows what he needs to do, and he knows how important his grades are."

With two years of eligibility remaining, Jalen has the potential to put himself into a great situation from a recruiting standpoint. However though, it is totally up to him to continue building on the foundation that has already been established... The choice is yours Mr. Frazier…

Note: At the conclusion of our interview, Coach Wright informed us of another prospect who could potentially emerge into one of the better prospects from out of the 2012 recruiting class by the name of Treston Haskell:

"Treston could be a prototypical DI cornerback prospect if he was to work from now until his senior year. He's already 6-0, and weighs 160-170 pounds. Actually, his best game was against Calhoun County last year. And as you know, Calhoun County is one of the more respected teams in the state. But in that game, Treston held his own... I really think he surprised a lot of people in that game. You'll be hearing more about him in the near future." – Cross Head Football Coach Shaun Wright

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