CA Johnson and Richland 1 - Embarrassment !!!!

The actions of the school district in suing the SCHSL defy logic and send the wrong message to our students. The quotes and actions of the school basketball coach are an embarrassment to all people and are offending to sensible people everywhere. The entire school district should be ashamed.

First of all let's get something straight. Richland School District 1 is broken. It has been broken for years and is one of the worst run and worst managed districts in the United States. It is an embarrassment to Columbia. People avoid the district like the plague and will buy houses all over the Columbia metro area to avoid certain areas of the school district that perform horribly.


You would think with all the problems that this so called school system has, the last thing they would be worried about is how to break the rules so that a basketball team could be put back in the playoffs. You would think that test scores, high school drop outs, teen pregnancy, underperforming schools, teacher turnover, low attendance rates, discipline problems, violence in the schools, lack of parent involvement, and a host of other problems would be more important than spending time fighting to over turn a SCHSL ruling that they themselves ADMIT THEY BROKE.

Dr. Ronald Epps instead of handling what he is paid almost $200,000 a year to handle decides that the Richland 1 will pursue this action in the court because like many of his students, he does not feel like they have to follow the rules like everyone else. In the State Newspaper, Dr Epps was quoted as saying "This shows why something will have to be done about an organization that has no accountability to any elected body and has such sway over the education of children in this state."

That statement is 100% incorrect and inaccurate. It is a blatant lie and complete distortion of the truth.

For your information Dr Epps, the SCHSL is governed by an executive board of which the following organization have a representative: the State Department of Education, the Superintendent's Association, the Principal's Associations, the State School Boards Associations,  the Coach and Officials association and 6 at large members from various schools make up the 16 member board.

By my count, each of the individual reports to someone and is accountable to an organization. Dr. Inez Tenenbaum, State Superintendent of Schools, reports to the voters of SC and her representative on the board reports to her. The school board rep is elected by the voters. Principals, coaches, teachers' and athletic directors, faculty rep and other school personnel all report to a superintendent who in turn reports to a school board which in turn is elected by the voters.  It is called a system and those of us who like to follow the rules, like this system.

And here is the kicker…...............wait for it, wait for it……………6 members of the Executive Committee of the SCHSL have been employees of the Richland School District 1 over the past 8 years. You made the rules that you are now refusing to follow.

So you see Dr. Epps, everyone reports to someone including yourself who will have to answer to your board and the voters on Richland 1 on why you are wasting your time and the district's tax dollars when Richland 1 received a BELOW AVERAGE rating in the 2002 State Department of Education Report Card earlier this fall. Perhaps your time would be more wisely spent working to improve your performance rather than teaching our young people that rules are not important and if we break the rules then it is not important, we will just find a friendly judge and get a ruling we like.

Of course as always we have to throw in a little hypocrisy to make the whole thing work. "We didn't deny that an error was made, but that the penalties were not enforced in any standard manner by the high school league," said Richland One spokesperson Karen York. "The penalty appeared arbitrary and capricious. It penalized students for a mistake made by an adult."

Sounds like Ms. Childs has been watching Jackie Chiles on Seinfield reruns to me. Richland 1 and CA Johnson signed an agreement to abide by the rules when they paid the dues and agreed to participate in the SCHSL league for the 2002-2003 year. By their own admission they failed to follow the rules. Now they don't like the rules, they sue. That makes them hypocrites, spoiled sports, sorry administrators, and a poor example to our children. Don't like the rules you agreed to? Just sue. Don't worry about the other 189 school like Swansea that did follow the rules, screw ‘em. We are going to court and cry and whine until we get our way. Hi Ho Hi Ho, its off to court we go !!!!!!

But my favorite character in this charade and farce is Glynn Darby, the Head Coach of the CA Johnson basketball team. What a leader. What an inspiration.  Check this quote out. I don't feel like it's us against the world," he said. "I feel it's Jesus Christ and C.A. Johnson against the world. But it doesn't really matter. We deserve to be here."


First off I am not sure what Jesus Christ has to do with you breaking the rules and then crying but I feel safe in saying that the Lord All Mighty has much more important things to worry about in today's world rather than how to break the rules to get CA Johnson back in the playoffs. I guess all those Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Atheist kids at Swansea were just plain out of luck since Jesus Christ Himself was on the side of the Hornets wearing Green and Gold.  You said so…….Jesus Christ is on your side and not the side of Swansea, Batesburg or SCHSL. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Then Coach Darby decides to call people names who disagree with him. "Everybody's a sore loser," Darby said. "(Roudy Bush) said we didn't deserve to be here. Well, we do. We're supposed to be here."  He then states that Swansea had no business being in the playoffs due to their 4-8 record.


You do not belong here and you don't deserve to be here. You cheated, you broke the rules, you screwed up. You do the crime you do the time.  I would rather finish 0-12 and lose every single game following the rules than finish12-0, carrying a trophy, knowing that I CHEATED to get where I am. Great role model there coach.

I hope Richland 1 never fires Coach Darby because I think it very safe to say that not a school district in the state will ever hire him. I know I would hope my school would never even open his application letter.

And finally we are offered this little gem by our favorite coach. "We deserved to be here. No one ever gave us nothing," said a jubilant C.A. Johnson coach Glynn Darby.


The court GAVE you the spot. Not your actions, not your team. You won the games you won by illegal means. You cheated. You broke the rules. You refused to accept the punishment. You used every cheap trick in the book to try and justify your actions. You invoked Christianity. You stated complete and totally inaccurate facts; you released statements using big fancy legal words.

But the bottom line is you know you are wrong. Come on now, you know it. Rules are rules.

Next time a kid breaks a rule at CA Johnson, I hope that he sues the school over detention hall. After all the rules are only important when they work for you. That is the lesson you wanted your kids to learn…………right ?

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