Darlington Falcon Coach to Resign

Effective next year the Darlington Falcons will be looking for a new coach. Read the statement from current coach Gerald Harrison as he details his reasons for resigning after a successful run at the school (dp)

A statement released on Friday, February 28,2003


I have decided to resign my post as head football coach at Darlington High School. During my tenure as head coach I have seen numerous student-athletes excel on and off the field. My goals to introduce my young men to a world outside of Darlington became a reality. Mayo Golden Bears and Darlington Falcons signed scholarships to many different institutions of higher learning and most of them have become productive members of society. As a coach this is the example of the total student-athlete, ones that can excel in the community, academically, and athletically.


Unfortunately during that time of playoff appearances and post-season honors, I have also had to deal with ten principals in twelve years, several board members and a few superintendents. All of which had different agendas and directions they selected to take the Darlington High School. This has caused instability in the leadership of Darlington County. The youth of Darlington deserve the best and the best thing would be for strong leadership to find a home in the Pearl City.


Though through all of the changes and challenges I feel that my greatest accomplishment was not the 1996 State Championship game, but the successful development of total student-athletes. I know my young men have a solid background and understanding of what is expected on and off the field. As coaches we know that all of those things cannot be measured in wins and loses but by the smiles on the faces of the student-athletes and parents when he signs a scholarship paper, receives his first paycheck, or says I do to his high school sweetheart. This is the satisfaction and pride that I leave this place.


My friends, colleagues, and student-athletes; past and present know that nothing means more to me than my hometown and that growing up on the west end I'm always ready for a struggle. But, now it is obvious what I want for Darlington cannot be a reality. In 1995 Darlington changed and maybe it was not for the best. That's why I have decided to explore other professional opportunities and leave Darlington High School and the Darlington County School District effective at the 2002-2003 school year


I would like to thank all of the families, businessmen and community leaders who have supported my efforts to make each football player a complete student-athlete.



Gerald Harrison, Sr.


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