NBA Draft Profile: Sebastian Telfair

In the days leading up to the June 24 NBA Draft, will give you the scouting report on the nine high school players with a shot to be selected in the first round of this year's draft. Today, we profile <b> Lincoln (N.Y.) </b> point guard <b> Sebastian Telfair </b>.

Sebastian Telfair
Lincoln (N.Y.)
Point Guard, 6-0, 180

Strengths: Telfair is one of the most hyped high school ballers ever and with good reason. In high school, he was a big-time scorer with a penchant to drive to the basket and destroy opponents with an ever-improving jumper. And even though he averaged 33 points per game as a senior, scoring is just one facet to his multi-dimensional game. The cousin of New York Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, Telfair is a true point guard who can take control of a game without even shooting by making his teammates better through his pin-point passing and basketball IQ. He's an extremely fast playmaker with sick ball-handing skills and 20/20 vision. At the McDonald's All-American Game, he had 11 assists despite taking just two shots. His athleticism and quickness also make him a pest on defense.

Weaknesses: Although he has worked immensely on his jumper during the past year, Telfair still has a ways to go before his shot scares anybody in the NBA. He also has the tendency to hold the ball too long, try to do too much and make things more difficult than they have to be. And like most other preps-to-pros ballers, Bassy needs to bulk up to deal with the physical rigors of the League, especially if he continues to drive to the hoop as often as he did in high school. While he can work on his jumper and continue to bulk up, his biggest weakness in the long run is something that can't be changed — his height. Telfair's listed height of 6-feet is generous at best and rarely do teams risk selecting such short point guards in the lottery.

The Lowdown: Telfair committed to Louisville but has signed an agent as well as an endorsement deal with adidas, meaning he can't withdraw his name from the draft. He certainty has the talent to one day become an elite point guard, but whoever drafts him will have to be patient and give him ample time to develop. By working on his jumper and adding muscle mass during the past year, Telfair has shown tremendous work ethic and willingness to improve. His upside is so great that any team drafting in the middle of the first round will have a hard time passing him by.

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