Quick Slant: TE TJ Franklin

You never expect linemen to pull any punches in an interview. Talking with Knoxville Catholic TE/DE TJ Franklin is no exception. At 6'6" and 250 (that can move with legit 4.8 speed) his words have weight. TN Prep Sports sat down with the senior to dicuss practice, arch rivals and the future.

TPS: Who on the schedule will give your team the best challenge in 2006 and who are you most looking forward to playing? Why?

TJ: Well to tell you the truth Smith Co. is much better than last year. And most forget they were up 10 to 0 on us last year. WEBB. Why you ask? Well, why do Maryville kids like playing Alcoa?

TPS: What has the team worked on the most this off season to get better at from last season?

TJ: This team is, I believe, the best team to ever go through Catholic. We have more depth than ever before. And the team chemistry has improved greatly.

TPS: How have pre-season work-outs, spring drills and summer 2 a days gone so far?

TJ: Great. My personal thought process is "Our success is in Smith Co. right now, so work hard because I know they are." That saying I picked up from my middle school coach Jay Malone.

TPS: Was there any unfinished business that your team left on the field last season that you'd like to correct this year?

TJ: It's the team that has unfinished business. I believe last year is done. You can watch tape and learn. Now it is time to take what you have learned and move on. I don't think about last year's business. I am thinking about this year's business.

TPS: Have you set any personal statistical goals for 2006 for yourself? Does the team have one common goal for 2006?

TJ: My only goal is to better help my team. The team goal is a GOLD ball at the end of the year.

TPS: What have you worked on the most in the post/preseason this spring and summer to get better at? Are you where you want to be now?

TJ: Where I am at now is nowhere near where I would like to be, but I did progress much further than I thought I would this past summer.

TPS: Did you attend any camps over the summer? Tell us a little bit about each…

TJ: I attended many camps: Old Miss, Marshall, Auburn, The Citadel, Vandy. To tell you the truth Old Miss was by far the best camp. I learned so much about the position I did not know before. I would recommend their camp to anyone who wants the most bang for their buck.

TPS: Have you received any offers from any colleges or universities yet? Who are your favorites and if you could choose one school to attend, which would it be?

TJ: I really have no favorites only the ones who have continued to talk to me. Who it will be in the end, I have no idea.

TPS: Is there anyone in college or the pros you try to pattern your own game and style after?

TJ: Jason Witten. Great blocker, but still is a threat down field.

TPS: If you could be any one person in Hollywood or in pro sports, who would it be and why?

TJ: Tom Cruise. TOP GUN. Fast planes and you get all the girls.

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