Quick Slant: QB Brent Brunette

Maryville(TN) Rebel junior QB Brent Burnette started his high school career up the road at Knoxville Halls before his family moved to Blount Co. Since then, Burnette has quickly garnished the attention of many prognosticators in the local media and even more importantly, the attention of several D1 Universities.

Standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 205, Burnette has a cannon of an arm and laser accuracy. His longest TD strike last season was just under 60 yards, so he can find a target anywhere on the field as well.

TN Prep Sports sat down with Brent recently and asked him about this season, his prospects, being the man in '07 and beyond...

TPS: You attended The University of Alabmama's junior camp recently. How did that go? How did you fare against the other QB's?

Brent: The camp went great and I enjoyed it. I fared pretty well. Coach Woods had some positive feedback for me.

TPS: You mentioned you spoke with QB Coach Sparky Woods while you were there. What did Sparky have to say to you?

Brent: Coach Woods said I had a great camp. He invited me down to some games this season and to next summer's senior prospect camp.

TPS: Other than Alabmama, which other schools are you talking to?

Brent: So far I'm interested in Tennessee, Auburn and Ole Miss. I've also been contacted by Virginia, Purdue, Notre Dame and some DII schools.

TPS: You have shared the backfield with senior QB Derek Hunt. Explain your all's approach to sharing the role.

Brent: First and foremost, we want to win. We don't really have a scripted approach to it. We just work hard every day as a team to get better.

TPS: A lot of defenses readied for the pass when you entered the game last year. How will you and the coaching staff counteract that this year?

Brent: That'll be up to the coaching staff. Our offensive coaches do a great job of crossing up the defense with their play calling anyway. They keep the defense honest.

TPS: The Halls game probably didn't go exactly as you wished last year...

Brent: Not to take anything away from Hall's, but I didn't exactly have my best game that night.

TPS: If the option becomes an option in this years attack, do you look forward to running that some? Would you rather be a straight drop QB, or do you like both running/throwing?

Brent: Absoultely. People seem to think I'm a drop back passer, but I think I can run the option as well. I can help the offense there too.

TPS: Everyone is talking about Virginia transfer WR/RB Tim Rodriques and his great hands. Do you see him being a difference maker this year?

Brent: Definitely. He will help us out wherever the staff plugs him in. That guy is a football player.

TPS: As a tall QB, it has to be nice to look out over the defense and see other big men like Tyler Maples and Aaron Douglas. Explain how it feels to have that many great weapons at your disposal.

Brent: As a QB, you're only as good as the players around you. I'm fortunate to have great receivers and play makers on our team. Height certainly doesn't hurt though.

TPS: How will this years backfield replace Ryan Tallent and his power?

Brent: We'll miss Ryan, but who wouldn't?! We'll still be strong at running back with Tank Baker, Singleton, McCoy and Rodriques.

TPS: Knox Central's D roughed you and Derek up a lil bit last year. What are you both gonna do differently to avoid that this year?

Brent: The Central game is always a physical game. We'll have a better outing this year.

TPS: Looking out over a defense just before you snap the ball, what is your happiest moment?

Brent: When Coach Quarles signals in a play and we have the defense exactly where we want them.

TPS: What are you working on this off season to get better at? What do you think you've improved on the most so far?

Brent: My footwork, my overall strength and timing with this year's receivers. My footwork has come a long way.

TPS: One more year and the ball gets handed to you full time most likely. Are you looking forward to showing what you can do for 4 full quarters?

Brent: All I can focus on right now is this year and winning another gold ball. The future will work itself out if we do that.

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