The Real Deal: Shane Watson

Carter Hornet Fullback Shane Watson is not the kind of guy who would blend in with a group of ordinary teens. At 5'11" and 232 pounds, he's kinda easy to pick out.

Opposing offenses and defenses can usually find him pretty easily. That hasn't stopped him from using his 4.6 forty yard dash time to run over defenses for TD's, or blowing up RB's and QB's from his linebacker slot on the opposite side of the ball.

Tennessee Prep sports sat down with Shane recently for a one on one question and answer on Carter's hopes for the playoffs, their chances against Fulton and Watson's future:

TPS: You play both RB and LB. Which do you enjoy most? If you could play one or the over at the next level, which do you think it would be?

Shane: I would play RB at the next level. I enjoy playing both of them about the same.

TPS: You had a great game on offense vs. Seymour in Week 6 with nearly 50 yards on 6 attempts for a whopping 7.5 yards per carry. You seem like the one Coach Woods turns to for the tough yardage, is that accurate?

Shane: Yeah, I think he likes my chances in short yardage situations.

TPS: Talk a little bit about how you and fellow RB Eugene Brown compliment each other. Do you feed off one another's success?

Shane: Yeah, E.J. and I are close. We both love to punish people when we run.

TPS: You had your best game on defense thus far this year vs. Cocke County, with 6 solo tackles, 4 assists and an incredible 4 sacks. Explain how it feels to get "in the zone", so to speak

Shane: It feels like nothing can stop you! Like I said, we like to punish guys.

TPS: The Hornets beat Union County last week. Talk a little bit about the keys to that game for the Hornets.

Shane: I feel that we kept shooting ourselves in the foot." But, even though we didn't play a great game, we played as a team and won the game.

TPS: The Hornets are currently undefeated, have held 4 of your 6 opponents scoreless including the first three and have only allowed 33 points all year (a 5.5 point per game average). What have been the keys to the Hornet defense this year? Can the Hornets keep that kind of production up against the teams you'll see in post season play?

Shane: "Effort!" Our defense fly's to the ball all night long! We are going to play the same way all year.

TPS: Do you think the time that Carter spent in 4A made the team tougher for 3A opponents, since you used to play Maryville, Powell, Central, etc?

Shane: I'm sure it had an impact somewhere, but I think head coach Heath Woods and our coaching staff has turned our program around as a whole.

TPS: Since the Hornets moved down from 4A to 3A, you have dominated your region with a 10-0 record thus far. Obviously your region has not really challenged the Hornets much. How do the Hornets prepare for post season play and for games against tough teams like Fulton with no real challenges throughout the regular season? How do you stay focused?

Shane: Our coaching staff is amazing. They keep us focused on the little things that win games. They will have us ready to play Fulton!

TPS: Speaking of Fulton, I'm guessing this senior class has a little unfinished business after last year's 42-0 loss to the Falcons? What will the Hornets do differently this year to assure a win? What was lacking in last year's game?

Shane: Yeah, the seniors are really looking forward to this year's game. We are just going to have to stay focused. Nothing was lacking in last years game. We just lost our composure when things didn't go our way.

TPS: You will go up against arguably the best RB in the state in Fulton's Dennis Rogan in Week 9. As a LB, do you relish playing the best RB's?

Shane: Yeah, I think he will see arguably the best defense he has seen this year.

TPS: Livingston Academy sent you home from the playoffs early last year in an "edge of your seat", 24-27 rollercoaster of a loss. What will it take from this year's Hornets to assure a deep run into the playoffs? Anyone you're looking forward to seeing in post season play?

Shane: We feed off of the LOSS to Livingston Academy from last year. That always keeps us motivated. I am looking forward to playing Catholic. I think we will see them in the playoffs.

TPS: A few outlets, including, mention colleges showing interest in you. Who have you talked to so far and which schools are you most interested in? If you could hand pick your future university, who would it be and why?

Shane: Vanderbilt, Mississippi St., Kentucky, Georgia, and a few other big programs. I would love to play at Tennessee. I guess time will tell.

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