Farragut looks to the 'Boro

Over the last five years the Wildcats of Oak Ridge have managed to defeat the Admirals of Farragut each season.

Last year the Wildcats went on to play in Murfreesboro for the State title against Ravenwood where they ended up losing in a tough battle 7-14. Can the Wildcats stir up enough momentum to get past the Admirals this year? That question still remains but with the way Farragut has been playing it will most definitely be an upward battle.

Farragut's junior runningback, Andre Sterling, has been averaging 6.4 yards per carry and has 1300 yards rushing with 13 TD's under his belt so far this year. We talked to Andre in the off-season and he told us that he spent his summer working on his speed and agility. Well that's exactly what has impressed us this season about his play.

On the defensive side of the ball, Shane Reviez leads the team in tackles with 99 and 53 being solo tackles. Holding their opponents to around 120 yards per game rushing, the Admirals have not faired as well on passing defense. If there is any weakness in their defense it is in defending the pass. This week against Oak Ridge the defensive backs have got to step up and keep the Wildcats under control in their passing game.

Oak Ridge comes into the game with 23 of 51 passing completions for an average of 8.9 yards per pass. Now since Sr. Quarterback Connor Gulmire has been out with an injury, this could play favorably for the Admirals.

Look for Oak Ridge to rely heavily on runningback Paul Bingham, who has had a quiet season but has included 924 yards on 129 carries, with an average of 7.16 per carry. Bingham has scored 10 touchdowns and leads the Wildcats in scoring. The Wildcats will also count on William Hudson who is one of the areas top field goal kickers. He's 7 out of 10 with his longest being 47 yards.

No matter what you think about this game going in rest assured that Farragut has a monkey on their back that they cannot wait to get rid of. Maybe this is the year.

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