East meets West

Think if you will for a second about your favorite high school team's arch nemesis. Picture the team that your team has the longest, most bitter rivalry with. There's ample reason to dislike and maybe even hate one another in the annals of time.

Now imagine how it would be if the two had to share the same stadium. Yep, they flip flop who is the home team each year and by that, where your fans get to sit for each game. Imagine the hundreds of hours of therapy the local shrink is sitting through over such an identity crisis, with fans from both sides of the fence.

Now you know what it is to live in the Morristown East/Morristown West rivalry. That's right: two 4A teams, in the same region, sharing the same stadium. It's enough to start a riot. Luckily it has never come to that, but we'd all understand if it did.

The West Trojans won the regular season tilt this year convincingly, 45-24. The Hurricanes have been on fire ever since, going 6-0 and holding 3 opponents to 14 points or less.

Both teams have been strong in their shared region. East only lost to West for a 5-1 region mark and second place. West went 6-0 in their undefeated season.

The Trojans have owned the Hurricanes the past few seasons, going 5-1 vs. East since 2001. The one win for East was a 44-20 schlacking in 2004 to avenge 2003's 45-7 loss.

When they meet again this Friday in Round 3 of the 4A TSSAA playoffs, it'll be for much more than just who advances in the playoffs. Civic and community pride is on the line.

Morristown West Trojans

The Trojan defense is only allowing 10 points per contest through Round 2. They've held six opponents to less than 10 points and blanked 3, including their last two in a row.

The Trojan "D" is lead by seniors JJ Sims (LB), Drameece Kyle (DE) and David Hollman (LB). The triumvirate has amassed 240 tackles, 12 sacks and three interceptions in '06 thru Week 10.

On offense, the Trojans are lead by reliable QB Logan Wild. He's up over the 700 yard mark on the season, with 10 TD passes against just two interceptions. Wild has not thrown for a TD since Week 7 however.

Protecting Wild will be college prospect and OL Joe Brown. At 6'4" and 285 lbs, he is a force to be reckoned with. Brown is surrounded by nearly a ton of junior and senior linemen on the Trojan O line as well.

The Trojans have a pair of punishing rushers in seniors Quentin Greenlee and Wesley Hale. The two are up over 1470 yards on the season in West's power running game. Greenlee is the marquee back, with Hale the FB getting the tough yards and more. JJ Goforth will tote the rock as well.

West only passes to keep the "D" honest and they'll look to Hale out of the backfield first, then to junior WR Patrick Hodge. Zach Bush and sophomore Terrell McKinney will also figure in.

Morristown East Hurricanes

As previously mentioned, the Hurricanes have not had the kind of success the Trojans have had in recent years (9-13 last two seasons).

Things have begun to change for the better with the arrival of first year head coach Dwayne Hatcher though. Hatcher has the Hurricanes pointed in the right direction, with a 7-3 finish to the regular season. That equals East's last season over .500, when they went 7-3 in 2003.

East is giving up just under 20 points per contest at 18.5 ppg, which is an improvement over last year's 23 ppg. The Hurricane defense is lead by junior LB Richard Montes, with 97 stops and a sack thru Week 10. He's aided by senior SS Seth Ewing and fellow linebacker Demarcus Knight (So). The duo have 120 stops and 5 sacks between them.

The East offensive is lead by a trio of backers in seniors Brad Ramsey (QB) and Jimmy Mosier (RB), and junior Terrell Dockery (RB). They have combined for 2560 yards thus far, for nearly 35 TD's through Week 10. They constitute the bulk of the offense.

East passes to get out of trouble and they'll look to senior WR Jeremy Dickerson, then Mosier out of the backfield. Ben Gibson will also catch a pass here and there. Ramsey has less than 400 yards passing on the season and 3 more interception than TD passes. The Hurricanes have all but stopped throwing since Week 8.

So, if you're headed to Burke-Tarr Stadium Friday night, go early and get a good spot. No matter which side your fans sit, the stadium is guaranteed to be busting at the seams.

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