Coach Weis in Knoxville?

A big event for folks at Knoxville Catholic today...a visit from Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis.

Timing could not have been any better for coach Weis since Harrison Smith just made his official visit to UT. Coach Weis was in town to visit with Harrison and to try and get a commitment from him today.

The good news for UT coaches is that he did not give coach Weis the nod. The bad news is he did not say no either. Speculaton all along has been that Harrison favored Notre Dame over UT and that he would eventually decide to play his college ball there.

I guess Harrison has decided to keep thinking about this because he didn't give coach Weis the answer that he came to town for.

Even though I was not able to interview the coach I was able to get a glimpse of him. I don't think that this is the last that Smith will be seeing of coach Weis.

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