Inside The Huddle With Taka Koyano

Tennessee Prep Sports recently talked with one of the areas best kickers in that of Taka Koyano of Maryville. We wanted to just ask him a few brief questions about his time at Maryville and here's what he had to say.

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TPS – As you look back over your high school career, which game or games stand out most to you?

Taka – I have to say Knox Central game from the 2005 season.  I kicked a 47yd winning field goal, and it was also my first field goal attempt in my high school career. So it was very special to me.


TPS – A three-peat at the state championship games had to be a big deal for you guys.  Explain how it felt to win again and in your senior year.

Taka - There is nothing like it.  It was a greatest feeling ever probably in my life.  We all worked for this so hard, and it was the last high school game for us seniors and last game that we play together.  So I'm so glad that we ended our football careers in the best way.


TPS – I know your team focuses a lot on training.  How big a part do you think weight training plays in your kicking game?

Taka - I think it shows up when I do kick-offs or when I kick a long field goal.  But  I don't do too much though.  The most the most important things to me in kicking are flexibility and techniques.


TPS – Besides kicker do you have other positions that you would like to play if you were given the opportunity?  What about other sports?

Taka - I actually wanted play LB or DL beginning of this season, but coach didn't let me, and football is the only sport that I'm interested in right now.


TPS – Being a student athlete under Coach Quarles has to be an experience that you'll remember the rest of your life.  Besides football, what are some of the things that you have learned from coach that you will carry with you after high school?

Taka - One of the greatest things about football is that you learn life time lessons through the game itself.  Probably the biggest thing that I learned from Coach Quarles is that little things matters.  Just like being on time, being nice to people, respecting people and little things like that in your school life.


TPS – All coaches have a quote or a saying that they use a lot.  What did you hear from your coaches that stands out?

Taka - "Little things matter"


TPS – What advice would you give to an incoming freshman at Maryville that is looking to play football?

Taka - Shut up and listen to the best coaches in the state of Tennessee


TPS – As you look at preparing your self for college, what are you thinking about or looking for in a school?

Taka - Good education and good football program. And the location.  I would like to stay in the east Tennessee region.


TPS – Do you have an idea of where you are going to attend college or where you'd like to attend?

Taka - For right now, it would be either Tennesesee or MTSU.  Tennessee has been my dream school and I have always dreamed about running through the Power "T" as a Volunteer.  They asked me to walk-on.  And MTSU has been showing some interest in me and contacted me. MTSU is good and a big school too, and I have heard a lot of good things about their football program.


TPS – Is there anything else about yourself that you'd like our readers to know about you that most people don't know?

Taka - I probably spend more time on the field than most the people on the team. And I think that is what I am talented at.  I am dedicated, and I would do anything to reach my goal.

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