Marlon Brown is the top prospect in Tennessee

Marlon Brown, 6-5, 205 pound, wide receiver from Memphis – Harding Academy (Tenn.) is the top rated player in Tennessee. Brown, who is the top prospect for the Top 40, spoke of the recruiting process and the importance of being able to be a two sport athlete.

Brown commented on being the number one prospect in the top 40 by saying, "I am real excited about it. I like that."

It is no wonder Brown grabbed the top honors. When asked of his offers he said, "I have like 30." Even though he has added a few he still maintains it's narrowed down to about 17 potential schools.

Of those 17 potential schools he reported of the ones he would visit as, "Stanford, USC, UCLA, Florida, Florida State maybe, and Georgia."

Since the beginning of the recruiting process Brown has stuck to his desire to play both basketball and football. When asked if schools would need to recruit him for both he replied, "Yes sir."

He went on to say that schools that did not recruit him for both sports chances are, "Slim to none. There is zero chance they are getting me." When asked which schools are recruiting him for both he said, "All of them pretty much."

With the basketball and football combination in mind Brown commented on how he is being recruited by Tennessee. He said of Coach Fulmer and Coach Pearl's recruitment that it is, "Great actually." When asked if Tennessee is in the race for him he said, "Yes sir definitely."

Brown commented of what he likes about Tennessee for both football and basketball by explaining he likes, "The history of it."

Brown plans to make his next cut this summer. He explained, "The next cut will be in June." He went on to add that the cut will go down to either ten or twelve.

One of the major schools courting Brown is Notre Dame. When asked if he was interested in Notre Dame Brown commented, "Yes sir." He said they were recruiting him for football but not for basketball. When asked if that made a difference he explained, "I mean it kind of does."

One of the major questions many will ask of Brown is, where will you get time to play two sports? When asked if he has thought about that himself, Brown commented, "Yes I have." He went onto explain his desire to play both by saying, "It gives me a better chance to go pro in either one of them."

Brown recognizes it will be a challenge to play both sports. He explained of the challenge, "Time wise it would be pretty hard."

Don't expect Brown to pick any schools anytime soon. As far as picking a school before signing day Brown commented, "I doubt it."

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