Catching up with Zach Rogers

Zach Rogers, 6-1, 170 pound wide receiver from Nashville-David Lipscomb, (Tenn.) talked about the recruiting process. Find out which teams the speedy prospect has offers from and where he plans to go from here.

Zach Rogers reported, "I have offers from South Carolina, Louisville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Alabama, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Stanford, Colorado, Duke, North Carolina and Harvard."

He said of having favorites, "I really don't. I'm going to sit down with my parents this week and decide where I'm going to visit this summer."

Tennessee seems to have a great recruiting tool in Austin Rogers, Zach's older brother and current Volunteer football player. Rogers said of the chance to play with his brother at Tennessee , "It's pretty big. My brother and I have talked about it and we've said it would be great to play for that one year, but at the same time he told me to look out for my best interests."

"I'm really comfortable with them. I've been up there almost every weekend the past three years during football season. Tennessee is definitely in the top of the mix. I know most of the players and most of the coaches."

He explained of Duke, "Coach Cutcliffe heading up there, and I got pretty close to him when he was at Tennessee . He is a great mind and has a great offense. Duke is not really known for their football, but I have a lot of confidence that he can go up there and change that around."

Another school showing interest is Oklahoma State. Rogers commented, "I like Coach Trooper Taylor definitely. We are really close and he is a great coach. He is somebody I would love to play for. I was able to be around him a lot at Tennessee . It would be an honor to play down there with him."

Rogers commented on Texas Tech, "Definitely as a receiver you've got to love that kind of offense. Michael Crabtree was the top receiver in the nation as a freshman, so that definitely stands out when you look at them."

"Coach Spurrier is a great offensive mind too," Rogers said of South Carolina. "They definitely want me to get down there to see what they are all about. They really utilize their wide receivers and I've got to be looking at that."

Rogers also has an offer from two in-state rivals in Alabama and Auburn . He said of the Tide, "The tradition sticks out when you look at them. Coach Saban is one of the greatest recruiters, and he is going to compete for the best."

He added of Auburn, "They've been talking to me a little bit, and they are moving to a new offense. They are no huddle now so you can get more plays throughout the game."

Another SEC school after Rogers is Vanderbilt. He explained, "They are two minutes from my house. I've been over there for various events. I am very familiar with their coaches. We talk a lot. They've been telling me all about Earl Bennett, and they tell me I could be the next Earl if not better."

Rogers was very impressive this weekend at the state track meet. He reported, "I was able to place first in all of my events. I won the long jump with a jump of 23 feet, 7 inches. I won the 100 meters with a time of 10.8. I won the 200 meter dash with a time of 21.48 and as a team we won the 4X200 relay with a time of 1:28.21. We were also able to win the state team title, so we get a ring and that's what it's all about."

Rogers commented on the timetable for his decision, "I'll probably make a decision by early August or late July."

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