Tenn. LB Gaining Interest

Josh Patton, 6'2, 212 pound linebacker from Murfreesboro – Blackman (Tenn.) is getting interest from several schools. Find out who is recruiting this linebacker and what he thinks about each.

Josh Patton reported, "Louisville, Vanderbilt, and Navy are the top three schools recruiting me." As far as visiting any of these schools Patton said, "Not yet, but I already have plans set up."

"I don't know tons about Louisville. I know it's a really good program, but I'm really excited to go up there this summer." explained Patton.

He went on to say, "I like Navy. I've talked to coach a couple of times. I know it's a great school academically. I love the benefits and my grandfather taught there so I know a lot from him."

A local school after Patton is Vanderbilt. Patton commented, "I really like them too. I'm going to there senior camp this summer and we'll see how that goes and if I could play in the SEC that would be huge for me."

Education will play a vital role in Patton's choice. He explained, "Not only a good football program, but more importantly a great academic school that will prepare me for the rest of my life."

When asked what makes him a good player, he responded, "My ability to read plays quickly, get in the holes and deliver a big hit."

Patton thinks Blackman should have a good season in 2008. He said, "I think we are going to be very good. I can definitely see us winning the region. Smyrna is going to be tough competition, but I think we're going to be very good this year."

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