Team Preview: Wilson Central

Last season Wilson Central finished with a 10 – 3 record and with a quarterfinals appearance this season Coach Aric feels his team can improve on that success. Find out what Coach Aric thinks about his Wildcats and the 2008 season.

How did spring practice go for your team?

"Our kids had a really good spring. I thought our attitude was good and our work ethic was good. We have some players coming back that can play and we had a couple of pleasant surprises of some kids we think are going to step up."

Who are some of the players you expect to rely on this season?

"Right now we have a transfer from Pope John Paul, Cody Clawson, he is going to be a senior. He is a running back and defensive back. Cody is probably 5'10, 195 pounds and will see some starting time for us. He was a real pleasant surprise. Spencer Neville, 5'10, 185 pound he had a great spring. I think we may have one of the top junior prospects in the state in Jordan Poole; he is a running back and linebacker. He won't stay under the radar for long."

What positions are up for grabs?

"Right now we have a quarterback battle between Ross Strong and Kelten Stewart who are both seniors. The two of them did a really good job in the spring so we are really excited about them."

"We have a complete stable of running backs starting with Jordan Poole. We have JaJuan Brooks, and Charles Simmons, both seniors. We have Julian Corlew, a junior who transferred to us from Mt. Pleasant."

Who are some of the guys you look to have step up on the line?

"Nathan Rottero, somebody is going to sign this kid at some point. He is a linebacker and offensive guard; he is 6'1, 225 pound and can bench press a house. He is unbelievable. We have an offensive guard, Charlie Muncy, who is 6'3, 255 pounds and he can move. I think we have one of the best young offensive line prospects around in Cameron Clemmons 6'4, 235 pound rising junior. He can move his feet and he is the total package."

What is your offensive philosophy?

"It's amazing how many spread formations we use and we run first and throw second. We are looking to run it, but if you load the box up and dare us to throw it well then we're going to throw it. There is a thought process that goes through what we do and we expect a lot out of our kids. We are going to do what we do and we are going to do it well."

What is your philosophy on defense?

"Defensively we are a straight fifty team. We are multiple but we are going to have a nose."

How important is your fan base?

"You can never underestimate the crowd in a football game especially when the momentum starts to swing."

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