Bullard Makes His Choice

Alex Bullard, a 6-3, 270 pound offensive guard from Brentwood (Tenn.) Academy has made his choice. Find out why Bullard made his choice and what he likes about the school.

Alex Bullard reported, "I committed to Notre Dame today." Bullard who had 21 offers talked about his choice and why he made it.

Bullard said of his decision, "It was between Michigan, Tennessee, and Notre Dame."

"I've been thinking about it from some time. I've have had a chance to see all the schools that I can see myself at for the most part. I have prayed about it, and I knew where I wanted to go. I feel like if I know what I want I shouldn't keep a burden on my shoulders."

He added, "Another reason is because I really want to focus on my team and help them win the state championship. I feel it will help me focus 100-percent on Brentwood Academy's football team and enjoy my senior year."

As far as how solid Bullard is on his decision he said, "The way I was raised I'm a man of my word. I was raised to keep my word."

He explained of Tennessee, "Of course it's an in-state program, and a lot of my friends go there. Coach Fulmer is a great guy, and I have a lot of respect for him and a lot of respect for his program."

Another school in Bullard's top three was Michigan. Bullard commented, "When I went up there I got to meet Coach Rodriguez, and he is a really cool guy. The University of Michigan has great academics, and they play in the biggest stadium in college football. They have great academic support, and Coach Rodriguez is a really good guy."

The final school in his top three was Notre Dame. He said of the Irish, "Notre Dame is a really unique school. Coach Weis is a really good guy. I have a good relationship with him. Coach Latina, the offensive line coach, Coach Haywood showed me a good time when I was up there. I really learned a lot about the school. They have a small population of students which makes it easier to learn. It's a great education with a great alumni base. If you get an education from there that's really accomplishing something. That's what I like about Notre Dame."

Bullard explained what he enjoyed of the recruiting process, "I guess in general I enjoyed getting to travel to different colleges. I got a chance to meet a lot of people I've wanted to meet like Coach Fulmer, Coach Rodriguez, Coach Weis, and Coach Saban. They are all good guys, and it's just an honor to say I shook their hands, and it's an honor to say they wanted me to be a part of their football teams."

When asked if there were any negative aspects he replied, "I really don't see any negative side of it. I guess one thing is I built a lot of relationships in this process. It's going to be hard to tell people that have offered me a scholarship to say no."

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