Team Preview: Battle Ground Academy

Coach Tim Johnson talks about his players and program. Find out who he thinks will help his team in the 2008 season.

How was spring practice for you guys? "We had a good spring practice. You usually start spring practice with a lot of questions and we were able to answer some of those questions."

Who are some of the guys you will rely on this season? "We'll first and foremost our quarterback Jamal Ramsey. He is really coming into his own and he is going to have a tremendous year. We've got another young man, Jamar Neal, who is going to play linebacker and fullback for us this year. We also have a really good free safety with Chris Reeves. He has a real nose to the football; he's real aggressive, and athletic enough to cover the field. On the line we've got our returning center, Jake Wade, who has gotten bigger and stronger so we are expecting him to have an even better year this year. Kyle Maynard was a junior starter for us at times last year. Dominique Williams really came off strong for us last year and did a good job. In the backfield we have a couple of juniors, Kenny Bass and Michael Moore, who really have to step up. They are a couple of guys who could be playmakers for us. I think really we have some young players. We have some positions that will need to step up with some sophomores and juniors. We also have a really good punter, Miles Maganelles, depends on the kind of year he has. Already you can see his potential going into his senior year."

What is your philosophy on the offensive side of the ball? "I was real fortunate to get Marty Euverard on staff as offensive coordinator. Marty bases out of the I formation and he throw in some formations out there, he does a lot of things that are good solid football, but at the same time will keep the defense off balance. Marty does a great job so I can just sit back and turn him loose of course he was former head coach at Oakland High School and they won the state championship over there."

What is your philosophy on the defensive side of the ball? "We are going to mix it up. We are going to base it out of an event front. We are going to work on continuing our progression to the ball and being fundamental."

How big of a factor is your fan base? "I just feel fortunate to be at Battle Ground Academy where there is such a rich tradition. It is important to our kids that when we go out there on Friday nights that there is a real Friday night lights feel. On a Friday night there is just a real electric feeling in the air. We have a lot of alumni who come back to our game and it's just exciting."

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