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Tennessee high school football fans get ready for, "The System", the newest offense that is spreading across the southeast. Find out more about this offense from this PrepTennessee.com exclusive interview with "The System" pioneer and Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin.

Is it possible to switch offenses and offensive coordinators midseason? How effective would your team be? Well for those of you who think differently you have not heard of Tony Franklin. Franklin not only joined the staff last season before the bowl game, but implemented his system for their Peach Bowl win over Clemson. Find out what Coach Franklin had to say about the offense and why he feels so many high schools are running it across the southeast.

What makes your offense so productive?

"The players make the offense so productive. That is the number one thing. The next thing is being simple. I think if you have to think a lot as a player you can't play as fast or as effective so we try to keep it extremely simple. We try to do the same repetitions every week. We do the same stuff, we run the some plays, practice the exact same way, and we do it throughout the entire season. Like the old saying, ‘Repetition is the mother of skill', we try to prove that point."

Why do you think "the system" offense has become so popular in the Southeast?

"I think the big thing is the first clients were successful. Especially certain schools like Hoover High School and the success that they had spread throughout Alabama and that spread throughout the rest of the South. When they looked at other people being successful and said hey we can do it too. One thing lead to another and it was a grassroots movement."

From a player's point of view, why is "the system" a great offense?

"I think because so many guys touch the ball. When you are kid nobody wants to play if they don't get to touch the ball. Instead of designing the offense around one or two players you design it around eight or ten players. I think also because the way you practice. It's like basketball practice where everybody gets to shoot around. In our deal when we run a drill instead of one ball being thrown we throw four so all of our receivers are catching balls. I think people enjoy practice and they enjoy the fact that every week they don't know who the star is going to be somebody different every week."

How would you describe the offensive line play in this offense?

"It's not any different than any other offense. You have to be physical for whatever offense you like. If you're not physical then you're not going to win. I think the offensive linemen are able to obtain an advantage because of the no huddle and the fact that we play so fast that defensive linemen get a little tired a little faster. We throw a lot of fast screens to wide receivers and that forces defensive linemen to take off to run sideways. I think being in a two point stance is an advantage for them."

Do you think this offense will continue to grow?

"I think so because to be successful in high school you have to get kids out. You have to recruit your own players to get them out of the hallways and there are so many other things that they can do. If your sales pitch to a guy is why don't you come out and practice for an hour and a half and we're going to let you stalk block and run into brick wall for an hour and half, not very many people want to do that. If you let them throw the football and you let them have fun I think you'll find there are a lot of guys wanting to do that, so I think it will be successful forever."

What are the biggest challenges for a team switching over to this offense?

"I think the biggest thing is like anything in life is just getting out of your comfort zone. If you've been doing something else all of your life and all of sudden you're going no huddle fast pace then you're stepping out of your comfort zone and that's hard regardless of what line of work you're in."

To learn more about "The System" check out http://thesystemclinics.com/ .

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