Team Preview: Columbia Central

Find out the latest with Columbia Central and Coach Belew's expectations for 2008. Learn about what to expect from Columbia Central and how far they may be able to go this season.

How do you feel about your team after spring practice?

"It went well for us. I thought we got a lot of things accomplished. Our kids worked really hard for us and their hungry to improve and win some games."

Who are some of the players you plan to rely on this season? "It starts with our two quarterbacks Ryan Tilliman, returning starer did a good job in spring although he got injured and will be out for a while, but we expect him to come back for us. Zach Tate made a lot of progress while Ryan was out. We feel like both of them can lead our ball club. We had a few guys who had a good spring including Chris Landwehr, 6', 160 pound defensive back wide receiver. Bryant Belew, 6'4, 195 pound wied receiver/defensive back, he was our leading wide receiver last year as a sophomore, we expect big things out of him again as receiver, defensive back and a punt return specialist. Will Matlock, 6'4; 240 pound offensive tackle is the leader of our offensive front. Danny Parker, 6'1, 220 pound defensive lineman. George Bullock, 5'11, 160 defensive back/wide receiver is one of our two fastest guys on the team."

What are some of the areas you hope to improve over the summer?

"We hope to continue to get stronger physically. On the field we look to be much improved in the run game on both sides of the ball."

Who are some of the prospects you have on your team?

"Ryan Tillman, our quarterback. He is getting interest from schools like Memphis, Middle Tennessee, Navy, Western Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky. Will Matlock hopes to attend the Naval Academy. We are pretty assured he will get into the academy he just hopes to play football. Bryant Belew, he is just going to be a junior. Several of the SEC schools Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and South Carolina have shown the most interest.

What is your team's biggest challenge?

"Our biggest challenge is playing much better against Williamson County schools. Our last five games are against Williamson County schools. We've got to play strong and prove we are ready to play with the Williamson County schools."

How important is your fan base?

"It's real important. We have had pretty good home crowds. We have a pretty good nucleus of fans supporting us all the time. They are getting more and more vocal in a positive way."

What is your offensive philosophy?

"On offense we want to be able to run and throw the ball both in all situations. Right now we are looking to improve that running game a lot. We are a spread offense. Part of what we do is from the Tony Franklin System. For us last year it was our first year in it and it helped our passing game a lot. The kids really like running it and it gives you a lot of opportunities to use a lot of different athletes.

What is your defensive philosophy?

"Besides just stop them we are going to try to be aggressive upfront and then do a good job of defending the pass in the secondary."

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