Will Jackson Picks Up New Offer

Will Jackson, 6'4, 280 pound offensive guard from Knoxville – Farragut (Tenn.) picked up offer number 13 and had a good day camping. Find out what Jackson thinks of his latest offer and how he did today at camp.

Will Jackson said of his camp performance at Tennessee, "I felt good about it. I ran a good forty and had a pretty decent broad jump. The positions drills I felt I did a pretty decent job. On the one on ones I felt like I tried to show the coaches what I had through a lot of reps. I felt like I did a pretty decent job. I didn't win them all because there were some pretty good players, but I think I did a pretty good job."

As far as getting closer to an offer from the Vols Jackson explained, "I went out there and did my best today. I guess we will wait and see if I get an offer."

After a good performance for a solid SEC program like Tennessee Jackson went home to great news. Jackson had his newest offer at home waiting on him from Stanford. Jackson commented, "They were the first school way back in the spring at my school. There coach told me they like me a lot. They saw my film on Scout.com and they wanted to get an offer to me but they wanted to see some game film. We sent some film out there and when I got home I had the offer."

He said of visiting Stanford, "I would like to but being across the country it's a pretty tough place to get to. I am definitely interested in getting out there with the combination of the academics and athletics. It's great. I watched them last year and they beat Southern California. Coach Harbaugh he is turning that program around. It's definitely a good situation out there."

Jackson said of having leaders, "I declared some early on. I still like the aforementioned schools with Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisville. I've visited half of those schools, but I won't come up with a hard list until I'm available to visit all of the schools I'm interested in. I still have to get up to Kentucky, Louisville, West Virginia, and I suppose Stanford now to make a good educated guess."

He plans to continue the summer camp circuit in hopes of finalizing his list. He commented, "I will have a really good idea of where I am and decide here in about a month or so. I'm going to Auburn's camp in early July. My decision will not go past July 20th is my guess. It's not going to go past July for sure." He added, "I think I'm going to Alabama and Auburn for camps. I will be at camp at those places to see where I stand in order to make a decision."

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