Tenn. Linemen Has Options

Daniel Hood, 6-5, 260 pound, defensive end from Knoxville – Catholic High School (Tenn.) spoke about his offers and his most recent visit. Find out who Hood visited and what he thought.

Daniel Hood reported of his offers, "I think its 16 or 17 offers. The most recent to offer are South Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Ole Miss."

Hood has only been on one visit and plans to take several before he makes his decision. Hood commented, "Right now UCLA is the only one I have been able to visit. It's a great school. The first thing I noticed was the weather. It was really good. The academics are good and the campus was nice. I met the head coach and it looks like he is going to have the football program ready to compete."

As far as where he project to play he said, "I think they like me at offensive tackle or it could also be as a tight end."

He commented, "Right now, I'm really looking at any school. I could play at UCLA, I could play up North, or I could play in the South."

There are no favorites for Hood right now. He said, "I haven't been thinking about a top five."

"I don't have a certain time. I'm not rushed to make one and I'm just going to take it as it comes. It may, but I don't think I want to drag it out until signing day. I've been talking to some great schools and choosing one of them is one of the biggest decisions in my life. The schools that have offered me are prestigious both academically and athletically. It's an extremely hard decision to make." explained Hood.

There are several rumors online about Hood eliminating schools. Hood responded, "I haven't eliminated any school."

There are a few schools that have yet to offer Hood, but may be the next in line. He commented, "I'm going to an Alabama camp, a camp in Florida, and hoping to compete well."

Several schools will compete this fall for Hoods' commitment. As far as what Hood is looking for in his choice, "The biggest thing for me is how I feel towards each school. What I mean by that is how I feel towards each coaches and the campus."

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