Team Preview: Maplewood High School

Maplewood had a great season last year with a semi-finals apperance. Find out what to expect in 2008 with the Panthers in 2008.

How did you feel about your team's spring practice?

"I felt pretty good about spring practice. One of the things we had to address was offensive line depth and the quarterback position since we lost a three year starter after last season. I felt pretty good about the interior of our offensive line. We have a pretty good quarterback battle brewing and I think they are both going to be pretty good."

Who are some of the key players you expect to perform this season?

"Romario Cathey, 6'3, 285 pound defensive tackle, Qutavius Parks, 5'11, 175 pound defensive back/wide receiver, Troy Motley, 5'10, 175 pound wide receiver, Jonathan Jackson, 5'10, 165 pound wide receiver, and running back Markus Cantrell, 5'11, 195 pounds. At offensive tackle De'Onte' Newsom, 6'2, 285 pounds and James Stone, 6'4 280 pounds. Defensively Sam Hopper, 6', 200 pounds and LeDarius Osborne, 6'1, 185 pounds will be playing linebacker for us. Also Andre Campbell, 5'10, 175 pounds at cornerback and Reginald Johnson, 5'11, 185 pounds at outside linebacker/safety."

Who are some of the players that stepped up this spring?

"I would have to say James Stone definitely stepped up big for us this spring. Jonathan Jackson stepped up for us at receiver. He made some big strides for us over spring practice. Those two guys probably made the best strides over the spring."

What are the biggest challenges you will face?

"Focusing on the task at hand and not taking anybody for granted. We had a great season last year and we can't forget what it took to get to that point. Hillsboro will be big and Ooltewah will be a big game also. Once we get into the playoffs we have to be weary of Henry County and Melrose out of Memphis."

How important is your fan base?

"It's very important to establish that home field advantage. With our band and what it is really adds a lot of to the mystique of playing at Maplewood. There is one way in and one way out with a rowdy crowd it can be intimidating to some other teams."

Who are some of players getting interest from division one schools?

"Right now Romario Cathey has been offered by Texas Tech, Middle Tennessee, Memphis and Louisville. Tennessee and North Carolina is going to wait before they offer him. James our left tackle got offered by Alabama and he is going to be a junior this year. Mississippi Valley State has offered De'Onte' Newsom, Sam Hopper, LeDarius Osborne, and Andre Campbell as well."

Top Players to Watch for Maplewood

Romario Cathey DT 6'3 285 Offers from Texas Tech, MTSU, Memphis, Louisville

Markus Cantrell RB 5'11 195 Receiving interest from Alabama, Duke, Northwestern, Tennessee

De'Onte' Newsom RT 6'2 285 Offer from Mississippi Valley State. Receiving interest from Texas Tech, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

James Stone LT 6'4 280 Rising Jr. with Alabama verbal offer. Receiving interest from Tennessee, Notre Dame, Duke, and Stanford.

LeDarius Osborne LB 6'1 185 Offer from Mississippi Valley State.

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