Team Preview: Germantown Red Devils

Find out what to expect in 2008 from the Red Devils from Germantown High School. Competing in one of the toughest regions in 5A Coach Charlie White hopes to improve on their 4-6 season and make the playoffs in 2008.

Offensively the Red Devils will be led by signal caller Hunter Hiatt (6-3, 215 pounds), wide receivers Julian Jones (6-0, 180 pounds), and Dustin Beard (5-9 170 pounds). The Red Devils hope to have a formidable ground attack out of Shaquil Hudson (6-0, 180 pounds) and Stephen Zambetti (6-1, 215 pounds). The offensive line will be lead by seniors Nathan Bond (5-10, 225 pounds), Jacob Zwyicki (5-10, 210 pounds), juniors Brandon Timmons (6-2, 250 pounds), and Cory Gaines (6-2, 230 pounds).

Coach White believes the strength of his team will be the defensive front and the running back position. There will need to be improvement in the offensive line, which had big losses due to graduation. Coach White also wants the secondary to step up their play and be a big difference this season.

Germantown is a football program with a rich tradition and hopes to win another title in 2008. With one of the toughest regions in the state the road will not be easy. Coach White feels the fan support is a huge factor in the success of the program.

Top prospects for 2008 season

1. Julian Jones WR/CB (6-0, 180 pounds)

2. Stephen Zambetti FB/LB (6-1, 215 pounds)

3. Hunter Hiatt QB/DE (6-3, 215 pounds)

4. Shaquil Hudson RB/CB (6-0, 180 pounds)

5. Sir Gregory Thornton TB/DB (6-0, 180 pounds)

6. Brandon Timmons OT/DT (6-3, 240 pounds)

7. Cory Gaines TE/DT (6-3, 220 pounds)

Season Prediction:

Playing in one of the toughest regions in 5A making the playoffs will be tough. There will be some big games this season against teams like Houston, Whitehaven, White Station, and Collierville. An experienced defensive line and backfield will help Germantown make it back into the playoffs this season.

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