Tenn. LB Takes in Visit to Navy

Josh Patton, 6-2, 212 pound linebacker from Murfreesboro – Blackman (Tenn.) has been busy this summer. With a name like Patton that just symbolizes American military excellence it only makes sense for this Patton to take in a visit to one of the service academies. Find out why this Patton may be in the Navy one day.

Josh Patton reported, "I went to Navy and we toured the facilities, locker rooms, dorms and everything was nice and top of the line."

He explained, "I met the linebackers coach and he had me run through an obstacle course one time and then he took me to meet the head coach." He said of the coaches, "They were great, friendly, and helpful. They said they loved it there and it was a great deal. Every person who attends the Naval Academy has a sponsor family in the city."

The location of the campus really hit home with Patton and his family. He commented, "I really like where it's located. It's beautiful. They just built a 50 million dollar practice facility; you are not going to get second hand anything."

As far as an offer Patton said, "No, I talked to Coach Ingram and he sent me a text message when we got off the plane. He said the coaches were all impressed and they would be calling in a day or two with more information. He said I was a lot bigger than they expected and so I think they were pretty impressed. I'm hoping I can get an offer."

When asked if he would seriously consider Navy if they offered he responded, "Yes, I think I really would. It's one of the top academic schools in the country. There is a lot of history up there. I enjoyed all the sites and memorial buildings. I could definitely see myself going to Navy."

One of the toughest recruiting factors for Navy is the commitment you make after college. Patton explained, "I can handle that. There are tons of jobs you can do. One guy who wrestled at Navy is now the assistant coach on the wrestling team and that is his service."

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