Jackson Trims His List

Will Jackson, 6-4, 280 pound, offensive guard from Knoxville-Farragut, (Tenn.), has trimmed his list down to seven. Find out who made the list for the offensive guard and what he thinks about each school.

Will Jackson reported, "I have lost track but I believe it is around 12 or 13. The last offer I got was from Stanford. The top seven are Stanford, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, West Virginia, and Auburn."

One of the schools that has fallen a little is Tennessee. Jackson commented, "It's hard to say. If they were to offer before I make my decision then that's one thing, but like I've said all along I don't plan on playing the waiting game. I feel the schools looking at me right now genuinely want me and I would like to go to a school that generally wants me to play."

He said of his top seven, "I have not had a chance to visit all of them. I do like Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, and Wake Forest. I've had a chance to visit those three and I like them so far. I've had a chance to meet everyone in the program, but I haven't had a chance to visit the others. I like Kentucky as well."

Wake Forest

"The first thing is it is a great school. It's a top notch academic school. Obviously with football Coach Grobe has done a great job the last couple of years. It's a program on the rise and it is definitely a good situation over at Wake Forest."


"I went up there for a visit. I met with the offensive line coach and Coach Sanders. It's close to home and they have really nice facilities. I know they are in the SEC and have nice facilities, but Kentucky's are really nice."

Ole Miss

"It was the first visit I took and I love the coaches down there. Coach Nutt is a great guy and Coach Austin is a great football mind. He really knows how to build offensive linemen. The experience was great and it was very impressive."

West Virginia

"I haven't had a chance to visit there, but I've been watching what they have been doing the past few years. They were a national title contender a few years ago and they have great players up there. There offense really suits me in the spread because I'm an athletic lineman. It was the first offer I had obviously and they've been on me the entire time. I can't wait to get up there."


"It's close home, in the SEC, and it's really successful team the past few years. Year in and year out they are always in the SEC championship hunt. The offense they are installing with Coach Tony Franklin is a spread so they will have their players getting quicker. I like Coach Tuberville and Coach Nall. I don't currently have an offer, but I'm going down there to a camp to try and change that."

Georgia Tech

"It's close to home and it's in Atlanta. It is traditionally a really good school. Coach Johnson is a winner and I'm impressed with what he brings to the table."


"The first thing about Stanford is the education you get out there. I saw it was top three or four colleges in the country. Coach Harbaugh was telling me that he is working hard to build a program and you could see that last year with the game against USC. I'm definitely looking forward to my official visit and getting to see Stanford in person."

Jackson will hold off his decision until he is able to visit as many schools as possible. He plans on visiting Stanford sometime during the season. Jackson explained, "That's what I'm thinking about. My visit to Stanford will be an official visit. I don't really have a timeline for my decision. Unless something changes I might decide early fall. I'd really like to give Stanford a chance for an official visit. I just want to see which school I really fall in love with and it might go into early football season. If it gets into football season it won't carry on long."

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