Tenn. WR Hoping to Turn Some Heads in 2008

Another new name to watch for in 2008 is Jarvis Jenkins from Lebanon – Wilson Central High School. Find out who this receiver is getting interest from and what he likes about each school.

Jarvis Jenkins, 6-3.5, 172 pound wide receiver reported, "I'm receiving interest from Middle Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Illinois."

Middle Tennessee seems to be showing a great deal of interest. Jenkins explained, "They send me letters in the mail about the coaches and the team. I went their last Sunday. They gave us a tour and it seems like everything they do they want to do for their players. On game days they have all of your shoes and pants laid out. The coaches are really helpful. They had it all set up with your recruiting coach and they talked to you about your grades and making sure you are staying out of trouble."

Staying in state Jenkins receives contact from Vanderbilt. He commented, "I went to Vanderbilt. It is real upper class and you can tell they have a good program. They continue to work hard and are trying to get better. They make sure you work hard. They are coming out to the school and checking us out."

As far as what he is looking for in his choice he said, "I look for a winning team for one. I like to win and I can't stand to lose. I look for a team that will help me progress and hopefully go into the NFL."

Jenkins lists his strengths as, "My strengths are my speed and my jumping ability." He comments on his areas to improve, "I need to get a little stronger. That is one of the main things."

Like his teammates Arcavius McMurray and JaJuan Brooks he has high expectations for his team in 2008. He said, "I think we are going to be outstanding. Last year we were pretty close and we lost in the quarterfinals, but we were all juniors last year. I think we will be able to come out and get it done. Actually I am pretty positive we'll get it done this year."

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