Third Annual Big Man Tournament of Champions

The end of the summer usually means time for passing leagues and skills competitions for skill position players. Now it's time for the big guys on the offensive and defensive line to show their skills. Find out which teams performed best at the Third Annual Big Man Tournament of Champions.

Coach Matt Lowe of Powell High School and Coach Buck Coatney of Fulton High School worked together to plan the Third Annual Big Man Tournament of Champions. On July 12th, nine teams from the Knoxville area came together to compete in eight events. Each team consisted of ten athletes. The events included bench press, dumbbell relay, one man sled, two man sled, four man tire flip relay, five man sled, obstacle course, and tug of war.

The event was scored like a track meet with the winning team earning ten points, second place eight points and decreasing points for lower teams. The day saw a fierce competition between the top four teams, Knoxville Central (55 points), Bearden (53 points), South Doyle (52.5 points), and Heritage (52 points).

One of the big events of the day was the obstacle course event. Knoxville-Central (Tenn.) lineman, Dylan Wolfenbarger, set a new event record of 21.58 seconds. Another event that had a new record set was the one man sled drive. Antwan Hamilton of Knoxville-Fulton (Tenn.) set the record with a time of 9.43 seconds in the event. The bench press event, which was a total repetition count of 185 pounds, was won by Jon Shipley from Cumberland Gap (Tenn.) with 31 repetitions.

The tournament also featured several team events. The five man sled event was captured by Eric Costner, Cody Garland, Minh Tran, Todd Merriman, and Evan Crockett of Maryville-Heritage (Tenn.). The team pushed the sled 40 yards in a time of 12.5 seconds. The Mountaineers from Maryville-Heritage (Tenn.) also took home first place in the two man sled event led by Minh Tran and Evan Tall with a time of 10.29 seconds on the 40 yard drive.

Two other unique events were the dumbbell relay and the four man tire flip relay. The team from Knoxville-Bearden (Tenn.) took first place in the dumbbell relay. The team, consisting of Sam Zivi, Peter McKay, Mark Goltry, and Tanner Fine, recorded a time of 44.44 in the relay event to take first place. The four man flip event was won by Chase Phillips, Taylor Stansberry, Zach Rhodes, and Ricky Stansberry from Knoxville-South Doyle (Tenn.).

Overall the event saw some great efforts put out by all participating teams. Some of the areas top linemen were able to show their skills in their own special way. The event coordinators felt the overall performance was great and look forward to next year being bigger and better.

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