Tenn. Athlete Makes His Choice

Randy Powell, 6-0, 195 pound athlete from Memphis – Kingsbury (Tenn.) made his decision today. Find out who Powell committed to and why he chose that school.

Only one day after the commitment of his teammate Gabriel Hunter, Memphis-Kingsbury athlete made his choice. Randy Powell reported, "I committed to University of Memphis today. I chose them because they have been looking at me for a long time. It is a place I feel I can play and I can get along with all of the coaches because we communicate well. They were more content on getting me."

Powell explained of his timing, "I spoke to Gabriel Hunter, we live right around the corner from each other, he committed Monday and he didn't tell me. Then today I was talking to the Memphis Commercial newspaper and they asked if I had committed yet and I thought I have an idea of what I'm going to do, so I decided to verbally commit."

In the 2008 season Powell will serve as a quarterback due to his speed and athleticism. He explained the Memphis staff's for him at the next level, "They are going to have me come in as a defensive back, but they already told me they are going to use me as an athlete, like a utility man."

A coaching staff that is persistent is the key with a prospect like Powell. He commented, "They kept in contact with me, they called me, all the coaches, and they are real good people." He said of the Memphis staff's reaction to his commitment, "They were happy. They have been after me for a while."

Like his teammate Hunter, Powell plans to take advantage of some potential in season visits. He said, "I plan on taking my visits. I'm not going to shut everybody out. I may try and take one to Middle Tennessee, Ole Miss, and maybe Louisville."

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