Marsalis Teague Picks Up New SEC Offer

Marsalis Teague, 5-10, 175 pound athlete from Paris-Henry County (Tenn.) picked up another offer today. Find out what Teague thinks about the offer and the recruiting process at this point.

Marsalis Teague updated by saying, "The Florida Gators offered me today actually. They called my coach and said they offered me a scholarship."

The amount of attention for Teague has grown throughout the recruiting process. He explained of the offer from the Gators, "I called the coach and talked to him a little bit and he told me he was a little upset with himself. He has had my film for a while, but had just now seen it. He said he saw it yesterday and showed it to Coach Meyer and he really liked it. He said I would have a scholarship offer for me and that they were coming at me hard."

Teague spent most of the recruiting season under the Gator staff's radar. He commented, "He said he wished he knew about me earlier this spring so he could get me down there this summer. They want me to come on an official visit down there."

Several schools will be hoping to get Teague on campus this fall to show why they are the best fit for his services. He explained his thoughts on the Florida offer, "Florida is a top notch school. It is an elite program in the SEC and in the nation for that matter. They are a national championship contender year in and year out it feels good to get an option for a school like that."

Many fans and recruiting analysts have listed Miami as a leader for Teague at this point in time. He commented, "I don't really consider them a leader. When I made that statement it was more like I feel like Miami in my opinion has an advantage because they were my favorite childhood team."

Being one of the most recruited athletes in the state of Tennessee and the Southeast is going to make for a busy fall. Teague said of the schools showing the most interest, "From talking to Coach Bedford, from Florida, he said they are going to come at me harder than anybody. Right now schools that are coming at me hard are Miami, Clemson, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. Georgia is too even though they haven't offered me yet."

One school that has not offered yet, but is showing a lot of interest is Georgia. He said, "The coaches at Georgia told me they were limited on scholarships, but at the same time they are very interested in me and they would love for me to come down on an official visit."

As far as which schools should expect a visit from Teague this fall he explained, "Right now I will probably end up going down to Florida. I'm probably going to Miami and I'm going to try and get back down to Clemson."

Teague's ability and athleticism allow him to potentially play either side of the football in college. He said, "Georgia Tech and Ole Miss both told me they were interested in me on offense. Coach Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech told me they run the triple option which is pretty much the same thing we run in high school. He told me not to rule out the option of playing quarterback. He said they want to get the ball in my hand to be a playmaker on the offensive side of the ball."

He explained of Ole Miss, "Then down at Ole Miss Coach Nutt told me he wanted to use me in the Rebel formation because I can line up at quarterback and run the option a little bit but at the same time still play cornerback."

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