Fantasy Football Comes to presents the first annual fantasy football league. For years fans have enjoyed fantasy sports at the professional and collegiate levels and now wants to bring the game to the high school level.

Fantasy football is one the fastest growing online games in the country that will see millions of players track their favorite players and teams. The fantasy football league will allow fans to takeover and manage their own rosters. The fantasy league will provide fans with an opportunity to manage, track, and organize their favorite teams and players. The league will be played with players being able to play one of two options, team play or database play.

The team play format will allow fans to choose an entire unit from the team of their choice. For example, they may choose quarterbacks from Maryville High School, and then earn any points the quarterbacks from Maryville are able to rack up during the week. In the team play competitors will choose quarterback groups, wide receiver groups, running back groups, kicker group, and a team defense.

In the second form of playing fans will be able to draft players from the database. Players will choose quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers from the database. will update the player's stats each week in order to help leagues keep up with their rankings. will use the next few days to preview some of the top prospects for fantasy football managers to draft. Make sure to check the site over the next week in order to find out about the best prospects in the state. Also make sure to visit the message board in order to get the rules and information on the Fantasy Football League.

If you are interested in fantasy football leagues make sure to check out Fox Sports Fantasy Football at or

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