Fantasy Football Analysis: Quarterbacks

Find out who the top prospects are in 2008 to pick up for your Fantasy Football quarterback. Check out which players and teams have the best signal callers in the state and could help you put together a successful draft starting with the quarterback.

# 5 – Nathan Jolley, 6-2, 200 pound quarterback from Germantown-Houston would be a very solid pick. Jolley has a good arm and an ability to make plays with his feet. Combine his skills with weapons like James Walker and Nick Nelms and he is primed to have a big season in 2008. He spent the 2007 season as a junior splitting time, but hopes to step up as the full time starter and pour on the stats.

# 4 – Chris Campbell, 6-4, 195 pound quarterback from Memphis-Briarcrest looks to have a big 2008 season. His recent commitment to Southern Miss will take a lot of pressure off of Campbell going into his senior season. In addition, Campbell will have solid protection from his offensive tackle, Austin Long. He is a pocket passing quarterback and could light up the skies early in the season for his Briarcrest team.

# 3 – Will Gilchrist, 6-2, 190 pound quarterback from Savannah-Hardin County is hoping to show off his arm and legs in 2008. Gilchrist had a monster season in 2007 with 2072 yards in the air, 25 touchdowns, and 493 yards on the ground. He hopes to improve on those numbers and step up his game to get ready for his new team in 2009, the Memphis Tigers.

# 2 – Jamal Ramsey, 6-1.5, 174 pound quarterback from Franklin-Battle Ground Academy is built for the fantasy league. A dual threat in the air and on the ground Ramsey looks to have a huge senior season in 2008. Playing in an offense that allows him to make his decisions on the run fantasy league managers can expect big things out of this guy.

# 1 – Marsalis Teague, 5-10, 175 pound quarterback from Paris-Henry County is a guaranteed producer. Teague has the ability to score from anywhere on the field and will be the key component to the Patriots offense in 2008. Like many of the quarterbacks on this list he has a good arm and great athleticism in the open field. His athletic ability makes him a top selection for sure at the quarterback position but in some drafts he may go number one overall.

In the Team Play Fantasy League there will be several programs that will have a solid quarterback or quarterback group. One key component to think about in selecting your quarterback group is the type of offense run by the team. The teams that are more geared for the passing game typically are the best teams to select.

In East Tennessee fans could look to make a solid pick with Clinton quarterbacks group featuring Darian Stone. Coach George Quarles and Maryville always seem to have a solid quarterback and don't expect that to change in 2008 under the leadership of Phillip Juhlin and Zane Winder. Another quarterback group that could have a big season is in Oak Ridge with Tyler Clark and David Irby. Another program that will open and throw a little more will be Karns. Coach Robert Reeves has made his pledge to the Tony Franklin System and as a result you can expect to see productivity from the quarterback position and in turn more fantasy points.

Middle Tennessee quarterbacks across the state will look to pile on the points. Fans can look for help from Upperman High School and their quarterback Ty Fields. Battle Ground Academy is another solid selection thanks to the great athleticism shown by starter Jamal Ramsey. This would be good year to look at teams that have gone to a spread offense in order to throw the ball more. Father Ryan is a team that is going to look to throw the football a little more than most teams and their quarterback crew could see action from a few different guys including Mitchell Stoffer, Jackson Coursey, and Trey McPhail.

Out in the West Tennessee region one sure bet is Henry County led by quarterback Marsalis Teague. Memphis-Whitehaven under the direction of junior quarterback Fred Flenorl and Germantown-Houston led by Nathan Jolley could both have very big seasons in fantasy league play. A few other programs that would be solid choices would be Briarcrest Christian School, led by Chris Campbell, Hardin County High School, led by Will Gilchrist, and Harding Academy, showcased by wide receiver standout Marlon Brown.

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