Marsalis Teague Has Visits Planned

The Paris-Henry County (Tenn.) Patriot fans know they have something special with quarterback Marsalis Teague. Find out which schools can expect a visit from one of the top athletes in Tennessee. Teague also talks about the expectations for his team in 2008.

Marsalis Teague, 5-10, 175 pound athlete from Paris-Henry County (Tenn.) said of the visits he plans to take, "Right now I am going down to Florida to check out the game against LSU. I am going to make that an official visit. I'm going to Clemson to see the game against South Carolina. I will check out Tennessee for the official visit period sometime during December. I am going to get down to Miami, so I guess I am looking for one more official visit."

He went on to explain of new schools contacting him, "At this point not really, I'm just hearing a lot from the same schools."

Teague wants to make his senior season special and the only way to do that is to win a state championship. He explained, "I feel like we are the type of team that if we play week in and week out we can do what we choose to do. If we play hard and we give what we've got I feel like we can win a state championship here."

The Paris-Henry County Patriots will rely heavily on Teague to run their offense and lead them deep into the playoffs. Fans will find that Teague has a natural ability to lead and run the offense, but at the next level he will be a potential big time cornerback. He said of his chance to play defense his senior season, "As far as me playing any defense it will only be if it's a close game or a big game."

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