Kevin Revis Checks In

Find out the latest with the Tennessee commitment and his senior season at Evensville-Rhea County. Learn more about his thoughts on his senior season and joining the Vols.

Kevin Revis, 6-4, 270 pound center/offensive guard prospect said of his team's performance so far in the 2008 season, "We've played one game and we looked pretty good. We are getting better and working hard. There are a lot of guys I think that can play at the next level hopefully."

He went on to talk about the school he committed to this summer, Tennessee, and their opening night loss to UCLA. He said, "I watched the whole game." He added, "Coach Caldwell called me before the game. I have been in contact with them a lot."

A disappointing start for the Vols will not hold back Revis and his commitment. He commented, "I've been watching them my whole life and I've been a fan my whole life. It was crazy watching people I've talked to and met at scrimmages. It's something I am going to be a part of the next few years. I am looking forward to getting up there and putting on the orange and white."

The Volunteers have also received a possible boost in recruiting thanks to Revis. He explained, "I have been talking to some people and planting some seeds." Revis would not disclose any names but his loyalty to the Vols will definitely be beneficial to anyone leaning towards Knoxville.

As far as getting on campus he commented, "I'm not sure about an official, but I will be up there for about every game."

Revis and his Evensville-Rhea County teammates will be vaulted into region action this Friday night against Hixson. He explained, "We are playing Hixson. It is our first region game, so we have to tune in and look good there. We need to play hard and physical upfront. We like to be viewed as a physical running team and we are going to run it."

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