Daniel Hood Update

Find out the latest about one of the top prospects in the state and the schools that are showing him the most interest. Learn more about the recruiting process and how things have changed for Knoxville-Catholic (Tenn.) tight end/defensive end Daniel Hood.

Daniel Hood, 6-5, 260 pound tight end prospect from Knoxville-Catholic (Tenn.) reported, "The three main schools that are recruiting me the most are Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Ole Miss."

He went to explain, "Auburn and Ole Miss told me I could play a multitude of positions. Georgia Tech is recruiting me as an offensive lineman." As far as any visits to these schools Hood has his plans laid out. He commented, "I'm going to take unofficial visits to Georgia Tech on the September 20th, Auburn on September 27th, and Ole Miss on the 4th of October."

Hood said of choosing the right program, "One of the things that will help me make my decision is how well I do at the tight end position. If I go to Auburn or Ole Miss they will offer me where I can play that position. If I think I will be better suited as an offensive lineman then Georgia Tech may be the best decision."

Most will remember Hood began to rack up several offers during the spring and summer months. When asked about some of the other schools in the race he said, "Florida State had offered me but I think in July they got the commitments they needed in the offensive line. I think they got what they needed so they stopped recruiting me a little. The same thing with Virginia Tech. They got a commitment from two linemen. They said they were sorry and that's fine because they need to do what is best for their program and that is what is best for them."

With so many schools closing up their needs at Hood's position one begins to wonder if that will help speed up his decision. He explained, "Actually no, I still want to get down on campus and visit those schools I mentioned and go from there."

Two other schools that have been eliminated by Hood are Colorado and UCLA. He said of those programs, "I made the decision and I talked to their coaches and I feel like I want to stay closer to home. Colorado would be a great place to play, but I want to go to a school a little closer to home. If I lived in California, UCLA would be my number one school. I watched them play against Tennessee, Rick Neuheisel is going in great directions and Norm Chow is doing tremendous down there. Their program looks great but it's a little too far away from home for me."

Many are baffled by the lack of contact Hood has with his own backyard, Tennessee. He said of Tennessee, "Things have kind of died down. I have not heard from them lately. I say that I want to stay close to home, but I want to get away. I grew up in Kingsport which is an hour away from Knoxville."

Hood's team is off to a quick start this season with an impressive 2-0 record, but more impressive is how they continue to win their games. Hood commented, "I think we've played really well. We've had some mistakes in both games that can be corrected. We had six fumbles in the first game and still won 28-0. Our sophomores have stepped up great for our team."

On his own personal performance he said, "I feel like I've gotten better each week. My first game against Morristown-West (Tenn.) I had a really good offensive game. I was able to come down and make some blocks on the linebackers."

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