Tenn. OL Talks About Recruiting

Find out the latest with Memphis-University School (Tenn.) Cliff Jones and the schools showing most interest. Also learn more about Jones reaction to his team's big win on Friday against top ranked Olive Branch.

Cliff Jones, 6-3, 296 pound offensive guard from Memphis-University School (Tenn.) said, "My first thought was wow, did we just win? I was in utter disbelief. Last year at halftime we were up and they came out and put up a lot of points on us. I was real proud of my teammates. I think the seniors came together and pushed everyone through that game. We were so elated about winning and teamwork is what won it for us."

In a ball game where Memphis-University School only had 199 total yards compared to Olive Branch (Miss.) 346 yards. Jones explained the team's ability to win by saying, "I attribute that to special teams definitely and our defense. I think our punter's longest punt was 67 yards. He was incredible. We never once had to drive more than forty yards to get a touchdown. We pinned them back inside their twenty or thirty almost every time."

Jones went on to list the schools showing the most interest as, "Probably Memphis, Auburn, and Alabama." He added, "Memphis sends something weekly. I just got something that said to come to their games, so with a home town team I will be able to go."

Right now the Tigers seem to be consistently coming after Jones. He commented on the positives of the Tigers, "I like the offensive line coach. He is a great guy. The coaching staff is good and it's my hometown so I know the area and tradition that goes with that."

He talked a little bit about having both Alabama and Auburn recruiting him. He said of the rivals, "I have a bunch of friends that are either Auburn or Alabama and they are always bickering."

Jones said, "What I like about Auburn is the coaching staff and facilities. I have had a chance to talk to Coach Nall and I like him. I also like the tradition because I walk around town and I will be wearing an Auburn shirt and someone will ‘War Eagle' me and I like that."

The Memphis-University School (Tenn.) team that Jones plays for runs an offense similar to Auburn. His school runs the Tony Franklin system and is seeing great success as they move their way up into one of the top teams in the Memphis area. Jones commented on the system, "There is quite a bit of similarities because it is his system. We probably run the ball a little more and we run a lot of screen plays. I like the system and I think it makes it simpler."

The in state rival Alabama has been sending a few letters and staying in touch. He said of the Crimson Tide, "Alabama, their facilities are mind blowing. Coach Saban is going to put his team on his shoulders and he really has them going in the right direction."

From this point on Jones plans to get out some film to let schools see his progress. He commented on his next move, "I'm going to wait until I send out game film of the first three games and I will kind of see from there and try to go to a couple of schools. I will have to go from there."

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